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Migraines and Pregnancy

migraines and pregnancy blog

A recent study out of Denmark retrospectively assesses the risk that maternal migraines has had on the health of newborn babies. The study suggested that maternal migraines were associated with an increased risk for various poor pregnancy outcomes for the mother as well as with various poor birth and neurological outcomes.

Poor outcomes included:

  • A higher risk of newborns requiring intensive care.
  • A higher risk of respiratory distress syndrome.
  • A higher risk of febrile seizures after birth.

While the study does bring up some interesting considerations, by no means is it a definitive one, and more studies are required to validate this data. That being said, for those women going through a pregnancy, be cautious when considering taking any oral and or injectable medications and always consult with your physician first.

There were, however, limitations within this study that the authors acknowledged. It was done as a look back study without a control. Secondly, there were other factors that could have played major roles in causing these outcomes, including the ingestion of over-the-counter medications and various differences in the prenatal care of the mothers prior to giving birth. It was also noted that the severity of the migraine was not taken into consideration.

What Are Some Ways Pregnant Women Prevent Migraines?

  • Keep a headache diary so that you can start identifying your migraine triggers.
  • Remain stress free and practice relaxation techniques like yoga or meditation.
  • Stay clear of your known triggers (e.g. light, food, strong smells and fragrances).
  • Wear a clinically proven precision tinted optical filter like Avulux® migraine glasses.

One of the tremendous advantages of using Avulux® migraine glasses, is that they are neither ingested nor injected, and have never been shown to have any known side effects or adverse events.


Skajaa N, Szepligeti SK, Xue F, et al. Pregnancy, birth, neonatal, and postnatal neurological outcomes after pregnancy with migraine. Headache Volume 59, Issue 6 First published 08 May 2019


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