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Marie J.
Fully satisfied

Precious help. Fully satisfied

Georgina D.
Super Helpful chronic Migranes

So happy I invested in these glasses. They have been super helpful on my rough days with chronic migraines and photophobia and help prevent flares. Thank you!

Good, but not perfect.

I don’t get migraines too often, but when I do, they start with blinding aura’s and end with severe light and sound sensitivity with moderate headache if I stay in a dark room and pop some excedryn. What I do have weekly/daily though is being on the brink of a migraine with the main culprit being reflections / bright light that could trigger the migraine.

Unfortunately the glasses don’t eliminate these problems so I still have to avoid looking at a reflecting window or talking to a person with a bright sunny window behind them, as that still could trigger an attack, like it did a while ago. I was wearing them all morning, looked outside at a tree against the bright sky and then bam the aura’s started. I was quite disappointed cause I had had them on so I felt like my armor just completely failed. I did take a Triptan though so haven’t yet experimented with tackling the migraine with only the glasses, as the aura’s are so debilitating for me.

But perhaps the glasses are more soothing tools than prevention tools.

I must admit my medication (Tylenol) intake has lowered quite a bit since I wear the glasses daily as I do feel ‘safer’ with them with me. They do soothe my eyes a bit with the reflections that don’t turn into attacks. But it still feels like a lottery.

- they’ve reduced my medication intake
- they make me feel safer having them around

- I literally had an attack with them on.
- during a migraine, they might help with light (the portable dark room slogan), but don’t eliminate sound sensitivity and accompanying disorientation / nausea, which still makes my migraine very unpleasant. I had hoped it would have somehow tackled the migraine as a whole through your eyes, and not only the light part.
- I think the build quality is quite poor for the money. Very thin plastic feeling frames (xyko), and plastic lenses with not a very durable coating. My ray bans are far thicker and stronger. You definitely notice avulux hasn’t been doing this as long as an established glasses company imo. Which doesn’t match the price however. Sadly the xyko model feels cheap to me.
- the lenses also definitely aren’t as sharp to see through as ray bans or Serengeti’s, Maui Jim’s etc.
- they do look very pinkish on your face.
- in bright daylight, a proper tinted darker sunglass version would be nice to have.

Thank you for your thorough review! Avulux lenses are made of polycarbonate and they absorb up to 97% of light at certain points in the spectrum. Because of their precise filtration, they are not exactly comparable to a sunglass lens. Avulux lenses are a precision optical filter and they may increase contrast when worn. They’re specifically made to manage light and those living with migraine may find that they help them reduce the impact of light on their lives. Our frames are made of lightweight acetate and premium spring hinges for comfort. If you’d like Avulux lenses in the frames of your choice, you can send in your frames and we’ll put Avulux lenses in them!

Bolivar E.
Excellent quality and excellent light sensitivity protection

Highly recommended, light weight, cool design and excellent light sensitivity protection, my eyes feel relieved

Game changer for those with severe light sensitivity

I have had a diagnosis of post-concussion syndrome with a severe sensitivity to light and dry eyes since 2015. I first tried Axon Optics -- at the time, they helped just a little bit, as I had been squinting everywhere and constantly getting debilitating migraines. I could barely do anything at all. However, they only block a little bit of the light that is harsh and damaging and I was still constantly debilitated. I then tried TheraSpecs, and these were more helpful, but I was still getting frequent setbacks and migraines and having to hunch over everywhere. I tried BluBlox/Bon Charge last year, and these were also helpful, but the problems persisted.

I just got these Lilu glasses yesterday, and I can already feel an IMMEDIATE improvement with my chronic light sensitivity symptoms. I was uncertain if the science behind the additional wavelengths would truly mean more relief for my symptoms, but it really paid off! My doctor turned his bright, full-spectrum light on over my head, which I usually must have off for treatment without being in constant, squinting pain (even with the Blublox). While being under the full-spectrum light, he tested my strength wearing these glasses compared to my other glasses, and also by having them off entirely. These glasses make me stronger and my eyes feel more natural and rested compared to my normal state of squinting and being uncomfortable. I literally told him in casual, astounded relief that I was okay with that light on for the first time in seven years. Those lights are BRIGHT (they have every single wavelength in them, like the sun), so this is nothing short of miraculous for me!!!

Like other reviewers, I don't feel these are dark enough to handle a bright, sunny day if you have light sensitivity (and I haven't tested glare protection, but I definitely need my sunglasses still). Perhaps if you only have occasional migraines they would suffice, but not for us light sufferers. However, these glasses have been AMAZING to use so far and a total game-changer. Normally, I have to *constantly* walk with my head a little down, neck craned down, hat tipped down, in some anxiety and pain, avoiding looking at any and all of the LED, bright lights, neon lights, headlights, etc. This affected my self-esteem and vulnerability a lot. With these glasses on, for the first time in seven years (without wearing my sunglasses), I've been able to keep my head and neck up straight on the bus and while walking around!!! I can look straight ahead towards the lights (though I wouldn't recommend staring at them directly for awhile, as that's still 3% coming at you and just not the best idea!).

They are cute, fashionable, and fit my face pretty well. There's just a slight looseness on the bridge (I have a M/L oval-shaped face) but even with that, I haven't found them falling below my eyes at any point even while shaking my head around, which means I can dance or exercise a little with them, too! That's huge because my other glasses, all wrap-around large styles, would always fall! I found that I don't really need the wrap style with this lens technology, true to what they say...

These glasses really are effective, and I'm not being paid a penny for this review! I've just suffered for seven years with a chronic condition that has really impeded my life and am so excited to share that these really do WORK!! I'm excited to get my life back-- maybe even go to an arcade again, out to concerts without so much pain and worry and neck tension! My neck tension was better this morning after waking up just from one day of wearing them. I've also found that reading on screens has made my eyes less stressed, I have a lot less neck tension and pain. I am so excited to see how my healing progresses with these. Worth every penny! Just be careful with them, as they are a little fragile. And yes, they do have a bit of a reddish tint look to them, but they barely affect the color optics at all! They just make things slightly darker, IMO, which I can live with just fine! :D

Great Product but Not for Me

I am not a migraine sufferer, but I tried the Xyko glasses because of their exclusive light filtering properties. They did a good job of cutting down the glare that is giving me trouble at the computer during long periods in front of the screen, but I found that they cut out more light than I was comfortable with. I actually had to increase the brightness of my screen in order to use them. I’m sure that, if I suffered from light-triggered migraines, they would have been perfect for me. I realized that I was going to need prescription lenses to help with the computer, to correct the astigmatism that causes smaller type to break into very clear but illegible blobs, and that I would need more light of the right spectrum coming in to see properly.

Fit Over
Deana S.R.
Unfortunately they’re not for me

I don’t understand why but the fit over style Avulux did not work well for me. They triggered me vestibular-wise even after multiple attempts— thinking I would somehow get used to them. I have to say I was also disappointed with the quality of the frames. I was very excited to try these glasses so it is hard for me to write such a gloomy review. I do recommend for everyone to at least try them because they do work well for so many others!

Fit Over
Elizabeth v.

Très confortable et vue reposée. Ça serait bien de pouvoir acheter les verres en Belgique car les frais de port sont élevés. Mon opticien va probablement vous contacter.

Diane T.

I received the avulux glasses 2 weeks ago! Since then i have had no migraines while using my laptop!

Highly Recommended For Migraines and Light Sensitivity

I have chronic migraines due to hormonal changes (possibly) - have to take medication to prevent onset of migraine symptoms, which include auras, numbness, and aphasia. Sensitivity to light is a MAJOR trigger. Avulux glasses help 1) withstand bright sunlight and prevent wobbly walking and 2) prevent discomfort due to indoor lights, e.g., florescent lights. Medication and lifestyle change alone could not prevent the impact of photophobia, which is where Avulux glasses helped immensely. Now I can walk outside without looking unstable haha!

Kat C.
Amazing glasses!

I never take mine off! People always ask me where they're from as if they're just for fashion. Avulex is my new go-to eyeware. I have chronic migraine and I won't say they're the "be all end all cure," but they certainly assist my WFH life. I wear them to night events, dinners, when on screens and everything in between 10/10.

Stephen M.
Surprised and delighted

I took a chance because of the trial period, and I am so happy I did. The glasses have helped me in all environments, inside and outdoors. When I have a migraine but still need to work on a screen, they ensure my migraine gets no worse (YMMV obviously). Even when I'm tired and my head starts feeling that horrible tightness, wearing them for the rest of the day eases everything up. They've given me much more freedom than I used to have. And what's more, now when I know a migraine is on the way, I don't have to write off the next two/three days. I can still make plans and have a very good chance of carrying them all through. I know the glasses are expensive, but I can't recommend them enough.
However! Be careful with them. I accidentally sat on mine and now the left side is wonky :(

Heather D.
Absolutely Life-Changing!

I have been struggling with chronic migraines for about a year and a half now. I would wake up with a migraine and go to bed with a migraine, daily. It’s affected my quality of life to the point where I couldn’t get in a car, let alone walk into any parts of my house that had too much light. I’ve seen 5 different doctors and the best guess we have as to the cause is a hormonal change after I gave birth to my son in 2020. I began taking bioidentical progesterone supplements after discovering I had low progesterone levels, and they helped a lot, however they didn’t get rid of the problems I was still having with light sensitivity. We had narrowed down my triggers by this point and knew that light was my biggest one. I happened upon Avulux and decided to give the glasses a shot, since every review I was reading was sounding a lot like the problems I had been having. Immediately after putting them on for the first time I started noticing a difference in the way my head would respond to being around light. I wear the glasses all day every day and while I can’t say that the migraines are 100% gone because I do still struggle with hormonal fluctuations, I can say the number that I am having and the intensity levels that they reach is so much less!! I was having to walk around my house with a blanket over my head just so that I could walk into the kitchen to get a glass of water. I’m now able to go outside on my deck in full sunlight. I’ll still notice that staring directly into a bright light can make a headache start to build, but the glasses seem to stop it in its tracks and it no longer explodes into a 10 out of 10 on the pain scale migraine. I’m recommending these to any and everyone! 100% worth it!!

Almost Perfect!!

I love so many things about these glasses! I tried another brand of indoor migraine glasses that distorted colors so much that it was distracting, especially as a part-time illustrator since seeing color is critical in that line of work! I was very hesitant to try Avulux because of the price, but it's been so worth it! I knew I was experiencing some eye strain, but I had no idea the extent of it until I tried my Avulux glasses when I felt a screen-induced headache coming on, and the headache disappeared! It also helps significantly with my visual snow--the "snow" is still there, but it's much less distracting with the Avulux lenses.

My only slight disappointment with the clip-ons is that the glare is strong enough that I can see some reflection of my own eyes even though my prescription lenses underneath have anti-glare coating. As much as I'd love to be able to invest in the non-clip-ons with anti-glare coating, with my prescription, the price would be over $600, which is a bit too much for me to invest at the moment. However, if I have enough saved by the time I need replacement glasses, I'll go for that and just keep this pair as a backup.

Lastly, these don't quite do it for me for extensive outdoor use. As a part-time horseback riding instructor, I'm sometimes outside with horses and students for up to 9 hours at a time, and squinting across arena sand for that long really requires some dark lenses! I considered adding transitions to my prescription but was worried that would affect how the Avulux worked, so I'll stick to the migraine sunglasses I already have (from a different brand) for now.

Aside from those minor complaints, my eyes and I are thrilled with the Avulux glasses, and I would definitely purchase them again for indoor use!

Best purchase ever!

Over the moon happy with my purchase! I tried a few different brands first - Migraine Shields, Axon Optics, and FL-41 glasses off Amazon. I was hesitant to order these mostly because of the price, but after reading the science behind them and the money back guarantee, I thought it was worth a shot. Total game changer! I was diagnosed with Vestibular Migraines and PPPD over a year ago and have struggled with my eyes ever since. The glasses have been a huge help with fluorescent lighting and using my computer. I was an avid cyclist before my diagnosis and am just now starting to get back on the bike. My eyes continued to be a struggle while riding. Today, I gave these a try on my ride and it was absolutely AMAZING! Such a huge help. Made all the difference in the world. Can’t thank you enough Avulux for creating such a helpful product!!

Doesn’t replace sunglasses like they advertise

Great for indoors but I wouldn’t say they replace sunglasses at all, I have to double over otherwise I’m in too much pain.

I hope in the future they release a outdoor version with the exact lens curve but at a reduced intensity/transmission.

For the overly chronic photophobia people, well for starters for me a more chronic indoor version making it a touch darker and blocking even more of the blue spectrum a as a whole a bit more evenly would help.

Courtney C.
Game changer after head injury

These glasses have helped me slowly feel like a normal person again after a head injury that has caused serious migraines and sensitivity to screens and light. I had been wearing blue light glasses for a while and finding that they didn’t help. I can’t live without these now. While they work like a charm, I wouldn’t say I actually like the style on me and I wish there were more styles to choose from. They are super fragile and the things that rest on your nose bother me. Didn’t exchange them bc I didn’t feel like I could go a week or two without the glasses waiting for another pair. I’ll also say that on zoom these glasses look much redder than they do in real life. If you’re recovering from a head I jury and struggling, I highly recommend the investment.

Donna K.
What a Relief

I’ve had serious light sensitivity since after cataract surgery. What a godsend to find a product that actually works to relieve pain and headaches that bright light caused!

I’m very happy with your proud & want to especially point out Andrea’s excellent customer support & speedy response to my email inquiries. You can be proud of her pleasant & professional skills!

Nicole B.
Finally something that helps

I was very hesitant to order these glasses because of the cost. I live in Canada and had to pay an additional $75 in duty charges so they ended up being close to $600. I’m in my early 30’s and have had chronic migraine for over a decade. Within the last few years they have become more frequent (3-4 times a week). I have seen many specialists and have tried many medications and supplements to find relief. I tried blue light glasses and found they did nothing. My avulux glasses allow me to stare at a screen for work all day and sit in front of a bright window without triggering a migraine. The days that I do feel any type of head pain I find that with my glasses on I can continue to carry on with daily tasks and work in front of a screen without the pain getting significantly worse. I still have to take medication but the severity of my migraines has diminished, which I’ll take any day!

Even though these glasses are quite expensive, I would recommend these to anyone suffering with migraine.

Kiersten P.
Life Savers!

These glasses have seriously changed my life. I haven't been able to go outside during the day without getting a headache or migraine for quite some time. I've been trying to treat the migraines with meds but that solution still falls short sometimes. Adding these glasses to my treatment has given me my life back. Now I can go outside and open the blinds without the debilitating pain. So happy I found these!

These glasses single handedly changed my life.

I have issues with photo phobia and migraines. The photo phobia and migraines can extremely debilitating and, as a professional who makes an income via billable hours, its a big deal. I was worried that I would get photo phobia during the bar exam so I brought my avulux glasses to the exam. Without failure the second day of the exam I started to feel the photo phobia and migraine coming on. I immediately put my avulux glasses on, my eyes instantly felt extremely relaxed and I was able to complete the next five hours of testing. Oh yea and I PASSED!! I know I wouldn't have passed if I didn't have these glasses with me, they are truly a life saver and I bring them to the office everyday.

Sharon O.
Best Indoor Glasses So Far

I developed photophobia following cataract surgery, I am very sensitive to light. I have tried glasses from two other companies for my condition. I would have to say that these glasses from Avulux are the best for indoor us. As for outdoor use, being in the bright sun, I feel that I need darker lens. I don't believe Avulux offers a transitional lens or sunglasses.

Amazing Glasses

Love these glasses. My wife works 8-10hrs per day starring at a screen and it has made a huge help with her eye fatigue. Have recommended these to many friends. Great product, love the look and ease.


After several months of light sensitivity triggered migraines, I was desperate for some help while waiting for the right medication to work. I chose Avulux because the science led me here—no other glasses were offering the same level of protection while blocking out harmful blue, amber and red light. Additionally, I really wanted a pair that looked as natural as possible indoors, whilst appearing as sunglasses outdoors. I went with the Lilu clear frames, which were totally the right choice for me. I have to wear them every day as my migraine is chronic, but they have helped cut down my attacks significantly, so I would absolutely recommend anyone in a similar position to try them. I will definitely be keeping mine.

Michael L.
Good relief

Good relief for my eyes when they are extra sensitive. Overall really like the glasses. Only reason for not giving it a 5 is limited frame selections/color options.