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Best purchase ever!

Over the moon happy with my purchase! I tried a few different brands first - Migraine Shields, Axon Optics, and FL-41 glasses off Amazon. I was hesitant to order these mostly because of the price, but after reading the science behind them and the money back guarantee, I thought it was worth a shot. Total game changer! I was diagnosed with Vestibular Migraines and PPPD over a year ago and have struggled with my eyes ever since. The glasses have been a huge help with fluorescent lighting and using my computer. I was an avid cyclist before my diagnosis and am just now starting to get back on the bike. My eyes continued to be a struggle while riding. Today, I gave these a try on my ride and it was absolutely AMAZING! Such a huge help. Made all the difference in the world. Can’t thank you enough Avulux for creating such a helpful product!!

Doesn’t replace sunglasses like they advertise

Great for indoors but I wouldn’t say they replace sunglasses at all, I have to double over otherwise I’m in too much pain.

I hope in the future they release a outdoor version with the exact lens curve but at a reduced intensity/transmission.

For the overly chronic photophobia people, well for starters for me a more chronic indoor version making it a touch darker and blocking even more of the blue spectrum a as a whole a bit more evenly would help.

Courtney C.
Game changer after head injury

These glasses have helped me slowly feel like a normal person again after a head injury that has caused serious migraines and sensitivity to screens and light. I had been wearing blue light glasses for a while and finding that they didn’t help. I can’t live without these now. While they work like a charm, I wouldn’t say I actually like the style on me and I wish there were more styles to choose from. They are super fragile and the things that rest on your nose bother me. Didn’t exchange them bc I didn’t feel like I could go a week or two without the glasses waiting for another pair. I’ll also say that on zoom these glasses look much redder than they do in real life. If you’re recovering from a head I jury and struggling, I highly recommend the investment.

Donna K.
What a Relief

I’ve had serious light sensitivity since after cataract surgery. What a godsend to find a product that actually works to relieve pain and headaches that bright light caused!

I’m very happy with your proud & want to especially point out Andrea’s excellent customer support & speedy response to my email inquiries. You can be proud of her pleasant & professional skills!

Nicole B.
Finally something that helps

I was very hesitant to order these glasses because of the cost. I live in Canada and had to pay an additional $75 in duty charges so they ended up being close to $600. I’m in my early 30’s and have had chronic migraine for over a decade. Within the last few years they have become more frequent (3-4 times a week). I have seen many specialists and have tried many medications and supplements to find relief. I tried blue light glasses and found they did nothing. My avulux glasses allow me to stare at a screen for work all day and sit in front of a bright window without triggering a migraine. The days that I do feel any type of head pain I find that with my glasses on I can continue to carry on with daily tasks and work in front of a screen without the pain getting significantly worse. I still have to take medication but the severity of my migraines has diminished, which I’ll take any day!

Even though these glasses are quite expensive, I would recommend these to anyone suffering with migraine.

Kiersten P.
Life Savers!

These glasses have seriously changed my life. I haven't been able to go outside during the day without getting a headache or migraine for quite some time. I've been trying to treat the migraines with meds but that solution still falls short sometimes. Adding these glasses to my treatment has given me my life back. Now I can go outside and open the blinds without the debilitating pain. So happy I found these!

These glasses single handedly changed my life.

I have issues with photo phobia and migraines. The photo phobia and migraines can extremely debilitating and, as a professional who makes an income via billable hours, its a big deal. I was worried that I would get photo phobia during the bar exam so I brought my avulux glasses to the exam. Without failure the second day of the exam I started to feel the photo phobia and migraine coming on. I immediately put my avulux glasses on, my eyes instantly felt extremely relaxed and I was able to complete the next five hours of testing. Oh yea and I PASSED!! I know I wouldn't have passed if I didn't have these glasses with me, they are truly a life saver and I bring them to the office everyday.

Sharon O.
Best Indoor Glasses So Far

I developed photophobia following cataract surgery, I am very sensitive to light. I have tried glasses from two other companies for my condition. I would have to say that these glasses from Avulux are the best for indoor us. As for outdoor use, being in the bright sun, I feel that I need darker lens. I don't believe Avulux offers a transitional lens or sunglasses.

Amazing Glasses

Love these glasses. My wife works 8-10hrs per day starring at a screen and it has made a huge help with her eye fatigue. Have recommended these to many friends. Great product, love the look and ease.


After several months of light sensitivity triggered migraines, I was desperate for some help while waiting for the right medication to work. I chose Avulux because the science led me here—no other glasses were offering the same level of protection while blocking out harmful blue, amber and red light. Additionally, I really wanted a pair that looked as natural as possible indoors, whilst appearing as sunglasses outdoors. I went with the Lilu clear frames, which were totally the right choice for me. I have to wear them every day as my migraine is chronic, but they have helped cut down my attacks significantly, so I would absolutely recommend anyone in a similar position to try them. I will definitely be keeping mine.

Michael L.
Good relief

Good relief for my eyes when they are extra sensitive. Overall really like the glasses. Only reason for not giving it a 5 is limited frame selections/color options.

Work great!

I get daily migraine attacks and my Avulux glasses really help me manage the photophobia. I tried FL-41 lenses but they made me nauseous. I wear my Avulux glasses daily!

Lilu with Clip-On
Anaisel G.
I know you are scare, but they work

First at all, English is not my first language, so forgive me if there is any grammar mistake.

Background: I have been with chronic migraine since Oct 2019, and Intractable since May 2021. Light sensitivity was a huge symptom and for months my house was always with the blind down in total dark, for dinner we use the light from the rangehoood and every other light off , I wear sunglasses at home and was very difficult to get out of the house. Even light from shopping centre hurt.

I got the Avulux glasses on Jan 2022. I used them for two weeks in a row 24/7. The change is incredible, I can see clearly and enjoy the sun, my tolerance to the computer increase from 20 min to 2 hours (April 2022). Now I use them when I am in the computer, to go out, or when the attack is more than 4/10. I wear prescriptions glasses at home and I can see the improvement into my light sensitivity.

The glasses itself are super lightweight and comfortable. I love the colour of the frame (I order Lilu with Clip-on RED) I download the app OCHO and have a look at the frames before making the purchase, this app is amazing and the look is incredible accurate. Back in January they only have two models with the option to clip-on for prescription.

I hope this helps. I love the Avulux glasses and they helped me a lot with my light sensitivity.

Scott B.
Relief at last!

Excellent product. I was wearing dark wrap around sun glasses for a long time which made my eyes more light sensitive. Since getting the Avulux my eyes have greatly improved. I no longer get dry eye every day from working at a computer all day. Irritation days are so low their almost non-existent. Day one I noticed a difference from putting them on. I could feel the difference in activity in my brain. After a couple weeks my eyes are not as light sensitive as before and no more random headaches from the lights. My day in general has become less stressful from use of these glasses. Now I just wear them everywhere, outside, inside, work at a computer, looking at my phone, I sometimes even use them to watch TV in the evening.

Johanna D.

Only been using them for two weeks but so far so good!

Bonnie C.
Amazing product

I've been wearing my Avulux glasses for just under a month. I suffer from severe photosensitivity (plus pattern glare, after image, and all sorts of other fun stuff). Since my glasses arrived, I have had NO full-blown ocular migraines, whereas before I was getting them almost nightly and having occasional migraine with aura during the day. The glasses have made a huge difference as far as computer use as well. I had previously tried a blue light blocking lens and this is not the same! Highly recommend for anyone who suffers from migraines with a strong photosensitivity component.


I have not been able to take these off since receiving them!! They've made such a huge difference in my life. So glad I went ahead with it.

Eden Z.
they really do work

ok they definitely do improve my quality of life- i was just kind of dealing with light sensitivity and chronic migraines for YEARS until i picked these up in january. since then, i have experienced less headaches and my eyes dont feel sore at the end of the day. the best way i can describe the feeling of wearing them is that they reduce light intensity without actually making it darker. i have reducted one star for some fairly minor complaints- they are not truly color neutral and slightly tint your vision. the tint is not noticable after 10 minutes or so, but occasionally i find it difficult to differentiate between minute color changes. (this is ultimately not a big deal and usually means i just take the glasses off at night) i also would prefer a slightly studier build on the frames, the Bli frames loosen at the **** easily. HOWEVER i have just noticed that avulux is now allowing you to ship your own frames to them! so i am already picking out some frames i like to do just that. :)

overall, excellent stuff. 9/10
if you are on the fence about getting them please try them out

P M.
Love them

I have been light sensitive since I had a stroke. I have been wearing the glasses almost 14 hrs a day, every day and I finally have some relief.

So far so good!

Here’s a review for people with wide faces 😅 looks good and fits on my face well!!

Merc R.

Love these glasses, they have been so helpful with my light sensitivity isssues and has reduced the number of migraines I experienced since regularly wearing my glasses.

Clarissa J.
I Was Skeptical But They Really Do Help

I was skeptical about these glasses after trying so many things to help with migraine and having nothing work. And I was really worried that I would pay a lot of money for them with no benefit. But, I decided I had to try because migraine can be so debilitating. These glasses really do help and I'm really happy that I purchased them. For me personally, they don't stop me from getting migraine (I have chronic migraine and I don't believe they are triggered by light), however my pain intensity and light sensitivity lowers when I use these glasses and makes it so I have gotten a bit of my life back. I especially find the glasses to be helpful at work and I have had to take lass days off work as a result. Overall, very happy with my purchase!

Daritza R.

Seasonal Women's Frames

Rebecca V.
Avulux changed everything

"With Avulux I can now spend time with my family and not have to be stuck in my bedroom (my dark room) all day anymore. My pain is less frequent and less intense. Works better than any medicine I've tried."

Kristen K.
Permits me to work while having a migraine!

"I suffer from vestibular migraines and am still trying to understand my triggers. Previously, when a migraine started I'd anticipate being out from work for a week because staring at screens would make me sick. Since getting these, I've been able to look at my computer screens for hours without exacerbating the issue. I've also been wearing these while in situations with heavy overhead lighting (indoor volleyball, grocery stores, etc.) They work well while playing sports indoors, and that has been a huge game-changer. My one-star detractor is based on the embarrassment I have wearing these on Zoom calls. Now that people are familiar with me wearing them, there are no real comments but I had to muster a fair amount of courage to wear them in the first place."