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9 in 10 people eliminate or greatly reduce their migraine symptoms

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Avulux® Migraine Glasses are an approved Class I Medical Device in Canada and the European Union

Avulux® received approval after presenting clinical data showing that Avulux® can prevent and treat migraines, including the associated headache pain. Avulux® Migraine Glasses are the only glasses on the market approved to actually treat migraine symptoms while also helping with light sensitivity.

(Health Canada - Medical Device Establishment License MDEL #7612)

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Highly Effective Migraine Relief

Our clinical data shows that 90% of Avulux® wearers experience such significant pain relief that they are able to return to their normal daily lives.

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Wear Your Relief, Don't Ingest It

Over 70% of people who use Avulux® migraine glasses no longer need to take any migraine medication to eliminate their headaches.

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Patented Migraine Lens Technology

Avulux's® breakthrough patented lenses are designed to absorb the wavelengths of light that cause migraine attacks to both begin and strengthen. Click here to learn more.

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Your Portable Dark Room

Migraine relief made simple. Wear Avulux® on the road, at home, at work, and both indoors and outdoors to manage your migraine symptoms anywhere.

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Completely Safe

Say goodbye to swallowing pills, receiving painful injections, and experiencing their harsh unwanted side effects.

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Jason Lesnick Testimonial

"They have allowed me to continue caring for my patients..."

-Jason Lesnick, MD - Emergency Medicine Physician
Toni Strickland Testimonial

"I may be able to lead a normal life free of any migraines or headaches..."

- Toni Strickland - Executive Assistant at Promise Healthcare, Inc.
Amy Cole Testimonial

"These glasses are fantastic and have truly improved my overall wellness..."

-Amy Cole, MBA, RN - President at BocaCare, Inc. and VP at Physician Networks, Boca Raton Regional Hospital
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  • 90% of Avulux® wearers find relief

  • We'll give you a refund if Avulux® migraine glasses don't bring you the relief you expect.

90% of Avulux® wearers find relief

We'll give you a refund if Avulux® migraine glasses don't bring you the relief you expect. Try at home today