Avulux Glasses vs FL-41 and Other Tints

Features Avulux Lenses Generic FL-41 Lenses Generic Blue Light Glasses
Precision Tinted Lenses Multi-Band Single-Band
Color Neutral Lenses (does not distort how you perceive color)
Blocks Over 80% of Painful, Migraine-Triggering Blue Light Some Brands
Blocks Over 80% of Painful Migraine-Triggering Amber & Red light
Allows in Over 70% of Soothing Green Light While Blocking Painful Light
Lenses Tested for Migraine Pain and Light Sensitivity in Clinical Trials
Clinically Proven to Reduce Migraine Pain
Clinically Proven to Relieve Light Sensitivity
Class I Migraine Medical Device
Premium Frames - -
Effective Light Sensitivity Relief Indoors or Outdoors With the Same Lenses

Try Avulux® migraine glasses at home to fight migraine pain and light sensitivity for 60 days risk-free.

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