Avulux Glasses vs FL-41 and Other Tints

Avulux® Migraine and Light Sensitivity Lenses Overview

Avulux lenses were designed for people with light sensitivity and people with migraine. Avulux’s design directly aligns with the most recent research linking specific wavelengths (or colors) of light to increased pain and light sensitivity.

Avulux is patented, clinically proven, made with a proprietary revolutionary lens technology, and the lenses available to customers today are the lenses that were proven in the Avulux clinical trials. 

Here’s a quick overview of Avulux versus FL-41 and generic blue light glasses: 

Features Avulux Lenses Generic FL-41 Lenses Generic Blue Light Glasses
Precision Tinted Lenses Multi-Band Single-Band
Color Neutral Lenses (does not distort how you perceive color)
Filters Up to 85% of Painful, Migraine-Triggering Blue Light Some Brands
Filters Up to 97% of Painful, Migraine-Triggering Amber & Red light
Allows in Over 70% of Soothing Green Light While Filtering Painful Light
Clinically Proven to Help Enable You to Continue with Activities of Daily Living
Clinically Proven to Help Manage Light Sensitivity
Class I Migraine Medical Device in CA, UK, EU
Premium Frames - -
Effective Light Sensitivity Management Indoors or Outdoors With the Same Lenses

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FL-41 Glasses and Lenses

FL-41 was a lens created in the 1980s to help people with light sensitivity caused by flickering fluorescent lighting, much of which has been replaced by LED lights today. There are various optical labs and vendors that sell the FL-41 tint, and there are inconsistencies between lenses. There is no clinical evidence showing FL-41 provides light sensitivity and pain relief during a migraine attack.  

Lens Technology Has Evolved With New Research

It’s only within the last 10 years that the medical world has come to better understand how light plays a role in pain and migraine. FL-41 mainly blocks blue light, and there has since been clinical evidence, through research conducted at Harvard, showing that blue light isn’t the only culprit in worsening migraine pain (so generic blue light glasses are also falling short). Amber and red light can be just as painful, while low-intensity green light can reduce migraine pain. 

New Light Sensitivity Glasses That Help People with Migraine - Avulux® 

Avulux has actually been shown to effectively manage the impact of light sensitivity by filtering pain-triggering light during a migraine attack. Avulux is the only lens that has been able to show this in a clinical setting. Avulux targets the most painful blue, amber, and red light while allowing in soothing green light to help you get through the day. 

Why is it that you may have heard more about FL-41 than Avulux? FL-41 has had 40 years to spread the word, while Avulux was released to the public in 2018.  

Know what else was widely used in the 1980’s? Landline telephones. We’ve all moved on to our smartphones since then. Lens technology has evolved just as much.

Try Avulux migraine glasses at home to fight light sensitivity for 60 days.

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