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Migraine and light sensitivity can be complex and success can be measured in many ways. 

Avulux was made to help people with migraine and light sensitivity get through their days without having to isolate in a dark room.

Certain wavelengths of light have been shown to worsen migraine headache pain and even incite migraine attacks. Avulux precisely filters light at certain areas in the visible light spectrum, they can be worn indoors or outdoors without distorting how you perceive color, and may help people living with migraine.

Whether it's being able to spend your time with family and friends, being able to work under harsh lighting, reducing the impact of light on your daily activities, or walking outside without fear of light, we recognize all of these as successes with Avulux. We offer a 60 day money-back guarantee so you can be sure you're happy with your Avulux glasses.

No problem! If you don't wear prescription glasses or if you wear contact lenses, we offer non-prescription Avulux glasses through our shop.

We offer Rx lenses in the USA, just click on your favorite frames on our shop page to get started!

For international customers, see our Avulux Provider locator to find a retailer near you.

We also make Avulux frames that allow you to place your prescription in them locally. Our 'with Clip-On' frames come with both an acetate glasses frame and a titanium clip-on that contains our Avulux Migraine Lenses. Click here to see our clip-on options.

You may replace the blank lenses contained in the acetate frame with your prescription at your local optometrist. The benefit of this option is that you may replace your prescription in the acetate frame over time while keeping your titanium Avulux® clip-on for years to come.

You may wear the clip-on continuously or simply place them on at the onset of any migraine symptoms. Be sure to wear the Avulux clip-on during any known trigger activities (going out in the sun, working on the computer, staring at your phone etc.).

For customers with multiple prescriptions, please contact us if you'd like to purchase additional acetate frames separately so that you may use your Avulux clip-ons as you switch between prescription glasses.

Wearing sunglasses can dark adapt your eyes. Consistently wearing sunglasses will significantly prevent light across the whole spectrum from entering your eyes which can make you even more sensitive to light. This increase in light sensitivity could more easily trigger migraine symptoms and increase pain.

By following the most recent science on light, migraine, and pain, Avulux prevents only specific wavelengths of light that have been shown to increase migraine symptoms from entering your eyes. Avulux helps manage light as a part of an overall wellness strategy which may help people living with migraine.

Avulux additionally allows beneficial wavelengths of green light into your eyes. This green light has been shown to reduce headache intensity or not worsen it (read more). This means that wearing Avulux consistently can feel soothing and will not make you more light sensitive, as they do not dark adapt your eyes.


You can wear Avulux continuously whether you're indoors or outdoors. Wearing Avulux will not dark adapt your eyes (you will not become more light sensitive by wearing Avulux).

We encourage you to wear your glasses during any triggering activities like extended screen time, when exposed to harsh artificial light, or even under sunlight. If not worn continuously, be sure to wear your Avulux glasses as soon as you feel any migraine or light sensitivity symptoms.

• To clean your lenses, use the included microfiber cloth and/or wash them gently with cold/warm water and mild soap like hand soap.

• Only store your glasses in a cool, dry place.

• When glasses are worn often, they tend to accumulate oil and debris. Be sure to use warm water and a mild soap (like hand soap) to gently clean the debris off your lenses before using your included cloth (or lint-free cloth) to dry them.

Do not use: Optical lens cleaners, alcohol, harsh chemicals or detergents (Windex, laundry detergent, abrasive dish soap, etc.) will damage the lenses. Do not use these to clean your Avulux lenses.

While we're unable to bill your insurer for your purchase, you may be able to request reimbursement for your Avulux purchase from your insurer.

For customers with an HSA or FSA card, you may use it during checkout. If your payment is rejected, contact your provider to have them add Avulux as an approved vendor.

We'd be happy to provide any documentation you may need to request reimbursement from your insurer.

We're confident that Avulux migraine glasses will help you manage the impact of light. If you're unsatisfied, you may return your glasses within 60 days of purchase, just pay return shipping. Note: custom or Seasonal Frames purchases are non-refundable.

We do ask that you take care of the glasses during your trial period, as they should be returned in their original condition, with all originally included items and packaging. We ask that you carry your glasses in the included case when not in use and use the included cleaning cloth to clean your migraine lenses. If your lenses have accumulated debris and oils, please first wash them gently with warm water and mild soap (like hand soap) before wiping with the cloth.

If there are any manufacturing defects, please reach out to us and we’ll make it right at no additional cost to you.

Please read our full return policy for any exceptions.

Avulux ships from the United States. Shipping options at checkout marked as Worldwide, DHL, UPS Worldwide etc. signify that your shipment will arrive from outisde your destination country.

International shipments may require payments of duties, VAT, sales taxes, or brokerage fees. This process is handled by the courier. They will contact you to collect payment online and swiftly deliver your package.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or read our full shipping policy.

About Avulux

Blue, amber, and red wavelengths of light have been clinically shown to incite and worsen migraine attacks.

A small portion of the green light spectrum has been clinically shown to reduce migraine headache pain intensity or keep it constant.

Avulux precisely filters blue, amber, and red light while allowing a narrow band of green light through.

Avulux lenses have gone through 8 years of research and development and multiple independent clinical trials. Clinical studies performed with Avulux migraine glasses show that by precisely filtering light, they may help people living with migraine.

Read more about the science here.

Avulux glasses help greatly with managing harmful light and they can be worn as light sensitivity glasses or photophobia glasses.

Avulux absorbs as much as 97% of the most harmful light at multiple wavelengths across the visible light spectrum. Studies show that the over excitement of certain cells in your eye that deal with adapting to bright light situations has been tied to light sensitivity and pain in individuals.

Read about how Avulux is different here.

No. Avulux lenses were newly developed by a team of optical engineers and clinical researchers over 8 years.

Avulux holds a patent for any optical filter that selectively blocks or absorbs the certain wavelengths of light that were identified to trigger pain. Therefore, the Avulux lenses are unique on the market.

Avulux lenses precisely absorb up to 97% of the most harmful blue, amber, and red light while remaining color neutral (Avulux lenses don't make everything look red, orange, nor green).

The Avulux lenses uniformly prevent light from entering the wearer's eyes and the technology is so effective that normal frames can be used as effectively as wrap-around frames.

The Avulux lenses are anti-scratch as they're hardcoated to military specifications. If Avulux lenses do become scratched, it will not affect Avulux's efficacy at preventing harmful pain-inducing light from entering your eyes, since our lens technology is engineered throughout the lens (it is not a simple film).

FL-41 is a blue light tint that has been available for years to the public and it was initially created for fluorescent light sensitivity. The Avulux team refined Avulux lenses and specifically designed them to benefit people with migraine and light sensitivity. Avulux absorbs more blue light (up to 85%) than most FL-41 filters in addition to filtering the harmful wavelengths of light in the amber and red light spectrum, while allowing in soothing green light (whereas FL-41 does not). Avulux lenses best align with the recent science on light and pain and this is partly why they've been so effective in helping manage light for people with migraine.

Read more about how Avulux is different here

View a table comparison between Avulux and other lenses here.

Avulux lenses absorb blue light, but they are not a simple blue light filter.

Avulux absorbs multiple bands of wavelengths (multiple colors), in high percentages, and Avulux lenses do so without distorting your color perception.

Studies have shown that white, blue, amber, and red light contribute to migraine pain and migraine symptom intensity.

Simple blue blocking filters alone have not been clinically shown to help manage migraine nor light sensitivity symptoms.

Read more about the science here and how Avulux is different here

View a table comparison between Avulux and other lenses here.

Currently, there is only one type of Avulux lens. The patented Avulux Migraine & Light Sensitivity Lens has gone through extensive research and engineering to most effectively filter harmful blue, amber, and red light.

Our Avulux lens is sold in all the frame styles available in the Avulux web shop.

Avulux can be worn indoors or outdoors, during screen time, preventatively and acutely, and during any situation where light is irritating to the wearer.

Likely, your doctor does not yet know about Avulux (please share with them!). We have been ramping up our advertising efforts and, with any new product, it takes time and effort to inform the medical community. Our goal is to make Avulux available to as much of the world’s migraine & photophobia community as possible, with the recognition it deserves.

Yes. Avulux lenses block 100% of UVB light from 280nm-315nm and 100% of UVA light from 315nm-380nm.

Yes. Many Avulux wearers specifically report back that they're able to stay in front of screens and under harsh light for significantly longer than they were previously able to. In many cases, screen time and harsh light are no longer negatively impacting them. They're able to spend more time in front of the computer with their eyes remaining relaxed and comfortable.

We offer a 60-day home trial period, and if you're not satisfied with how Avulux migraine glasses can help manage light, you may return them in original condition (no scratches nor deformation). 

Avulux Migraine & Light Sensitivity lenses were specifically engineered to filter harmful light. 

Studies show that blue, amber, and red light can increase pain in light sensitive individuals with migraine. while green light can be soothing. 

It's important that Avulux is worn before the light-triggered pain becomes unbearable. Research has shown that light-triggered pain can be worsened through continuous exposure to light. If you feel Avulux isn't helping you manage light as a trigger, we suggest wearing Avulux continuously throughout your day (and while in front of any digital screens or under harsh lighting) for at least two weeks so you can be sure about whether they're helping you manage light.

How to use Avulux

It is important that you wear the glasses during daily events that tend to cause your migraine attacks and light-triggered pain to begin, such as prolonged time spent in front of a computer screen, television, smartphone, or under harsh lighting.

Otherwise, you should put on the migraine glasses as soon as you feel migraine or light sensitivity symptoms beginning. This may be the earliest feeling of your typical migraine headache pain, or a typical migraine aura such as visual disturbances, facial tingling, eye strain, eye pain etc.

If you have frequent migraine attacks or have chronic migraine, meaning that you average more than two migraine headaches weekly lasting at least 3 hours a day, you should consider wearing your glasses at all times, whether day or night

Note: Due to the precise filtration properties of the Avulux lens, the lenses are not recommended to be worn while driving.

Unless you're wearing your migraine glasses continuously, you should continue to wear them until your migraine attack or light sensitivity symptoms have passed. 

If you're planning to continue to be exposed to your migraine and light sensitivity triggers, such as needing to stay in front of a computer screen, then we recommend that you keep the migraine glasses on until you complete your task, even if your symptoms have improved.

Avulux should be used to help manage the impact of light on your daily activities. Avulux is safe to use as a complement to any treatment.

The goal is to best manage your migraine or light sensitivity symptoms.

Please consult your physician before starting or stopping any prescription medication.

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