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Specifications  (size guide):

  • Color: Light Gray or Clear or Red
  • Lens: Avulux® Migraine & Light Sensitivity Lens
  • Fit: Small/medium sized faces
  • Frame Size: 49-22-145 (Medium)
  • Frame Width: 138.4mm 
  • Lens Height: 43.2mm
  • Weight: 26g

All Avulux® migraine glasses come packed in a box with a premium carrying case and cleaning cloth.

Why Avulux?

Migraine Brain Icon
Evidence-based and Patented

The Avulux lens is the only lens that's been clinically proven to bring you migraine & light sensitivity relief.

Classified as a medical device in 32 countries.

Migraine Glasses Icon
Maximum Protection

Avulux lenses precisely absorb as much as 97% of the most painful light without distorting your color perception + 100% UV protection.

Migraine Awareness No Sacrifices Icon
No Sacrifices

No side effects. No recurring costs. Wear them indoors or outdoors. Take command in style.


 • Patented Avulux® lenses with antiscratch coating
 • Spring hinges for comfort and durability
 • Quality handmade frames
 • Lightweight

Avulux Promise

If Avulux doesn't bring you the relief you expect, return them for a refund within 60 days.

Customer Reviews
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United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product
Avulux have truly changed my life for the better!

I received my Avulux Lilu glasses around the middle of March 2021, I can honestly say I wish I’d bought them sooner. I suffer from chronic migraines, and before my Avulux glasses I would be bed bound for at least 2 if not 3 days a week at my worst. Since receiving my Avulux glasses I’ve had no bed bound days as a result of a migraine triggered by my eyes/light. I feel as though someone has given me part of my life back, as soon as I feel a slight twinge near my eyes or I’m working in bright light conditions, or on the computer I reach for my Avulux straight away. Within half an hour the pain will have gone completely or reduced to a manageable level, I wear my Avulux everyday and they are definitely worth their weight in gold. They aren’t remotely my style but if that’s the only sacrifice I’ve to make to be pain free I’ll take it, the only negative about them for me personally is I find the frame/lens shape a little small, as I often see the bottom and sides of the frame in my vision but I’m used to wearing aviator style glasses which have much bigger lenses. I would absolutely buy these again and highly recommend them to any migraine sufferers.

Celeste M.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Love them!

always using them unless I am sleeping or taking a shower!

Avulux Lilu Review
Sara K.
Germany Germany
I recommend this product

Hey I'm Sara and I'm from Germany! I got these amazing glasses on 19.03.21 und wear them all day long since that day. They help me really good and light doesn't burn in my eyes anymore. Since 26.01.21 I'm using Emgality (it helps me very much, nevertheless I have headaches every day, but not as strong as before) and the combination of Emgality and Avulux really gave me a new life! I can make plans, hang out with my friends and family and I am so happy about that. Ich kann diese Brille nur weiterempfehlen, wirklich! Sie ist zwar sehr teuer und ich war anfangs auch erstmal skeptisch, aber sie hilft mir wirklich und macht das Leben angenehmer. Sie ist natürlich kein Wundermittel, aber das kann man auch nicht erwarten. Die letzten Jahre in meinem Leben waren wirklich schlimm, ich hatte noch nie so schlimme Schmerzen gehabt und habe unglaublich viel gekämpft und so viel ausprobiert... Jetzt - mithilfe von (hauptsächlich) Emgality und (zusätzlich) Avulux - geht es mir endlich wieder besser! Ich bin so glücklich und genieße jede Stunde, in der es mir gut geht, weil ich weiß, wie schlimm es einem gehen kann. I hope that you all can do something against your migraine and that Avulux helps you as good as it helps me. Bye ♥️

nicholas r. holik
United States United States
I recommend this product
Finally Relief! <3

I suffer from daily chronic migraine with aura, Alice in Wonderland Effect and break out seizures. I have tried several different glasses through out the years (Axon, Theraspecs....) but have found that the Avulux lenses work so much better for me! They filter all the painful light wavelengths (white, blue, amber, and red light) that leads to my Photophobia. I am able to be part of everyday life without squinting as much and needing to go hide in a dark room. I enjoy that unlike other migraine glasses the lenses are color neutral! Due to this I can wear them at night and not have to struggle to see in a darker environment or not like how I look in pictures. I wear mine from the second I wake up to the min I go to sleep for as much prevention I can get! These glasses have really helped improve my day to day life and I will be a happy repeat customer!!! Also the CS team is super helpful and responsive with any questions or issues you have! All around a great company! I recommend you trying them for sure if you have acute migraine or use for prevention like me. So happy I was able to find these and they make a difference in my everyday life! <3

Avulux Lilu ReviewAvulux Lilu ReviewAvulux Lilu Review
Canada Canada
I recommend this product
Life Changing!

I was skeptical but excited when I won my Avalux glasses. I had been wanting them for a while, hoping and praying they were THE tool for my Arsenal against migraine attacks. Well, I am happy to report they are AMAZING!!! SO Amazing, I’m scared to wear them at work (which is where I would likely benefit the most from them) as I can’t be guaranteed they wouldn’t get broken and I can’t afford another pair. I’ve used them many times at the first aching of a migraine attack and, after a few hours, that nasty ache has usually turned tail and run for the hills!! I pop them on after a night shift, for the drive home and before I crawl into bed and they keep that pesky “you didn’t get enough sleep or water” trigger from letting loose!!! I don’t know what I would do without my Avalux glasses! (and I’m not sure I ever want to find out)

Avulux Lilu Review