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Avulux optical technology filters blue, amber, & red light, while letting soothing green light in, and may help people living with migraine.
90% manage migraine and light sensitivity
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90% of Avulux wearers find that Avulux helps them through their days by effectively filtering light.

Advanced & Unique Optical Technology
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Up to 60% of migraine attacks are actually triggered by light.

Blue and amber light affect cells in your eye that secrete melanopsin, and it can lead to migraine attacks and increased light-triggered pain. 

Avulux's patented precision lens technology filters up to 97% of blue, amber, and red light while allowing in over 70% of soothing green light, which may help people living with migraine.

Now, that's precise.

The Highest Scientific Standard

An independent, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial

Avulux is the only migraine & light sensitivity lens to ever be proven effective at this highest standard of clinical testing.

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Precisely Filter Harmful Light

Avulux lenses are effective in managing light as they absorb harmful light before it enters your eyes.

Light Can be Painful

People with migraine & light sensitivity may find that Avulux helps them through their days as Avulux lenses filter up to 97% of harmful light.

Avulux clear migraine and light sensitivity glasses

Use Avulux As Needed


Wear Avulux as soon as you feel any migraine symptoms or when you’re light sensitive.


Wear Avulux throughout your day or during any trigger activities like extended screen time or exposure to harsh light and glare.

No Sacrifices
No Side Effects

Avulux is clinically proven and may help people living with migraine by filtering harmful light without any negative side effects.

Migraine drug side effects
Red Migraine Glasses Distort color Avulux does not
Crisp Clear Relief
No Color Distortion

Avulux lenses were designed to be color neutral so you can find relief comfortably, without affecting your quality of life.

No Time Away

Avulux is easy to use anywhere, and can be safely used as a complement to medical treatments, allowing you to spend your time doing what you love.  

Avulux gets you out of your dark room
No Recurring Costs

One pair of Avulux glasses is enough to get you through your day.

If you're not satisfied with Avulux, we'll give you your money back.

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