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Blue Light Glasses?
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Class I Medical Device in 32 Countries • Proven through multiple clinical trials • 90% Find Migraine Relief
Light spectrum affecting migraine
Blue Light Glasses Fall Short

If you're light sensitive and/or you have migraine, simple blue light glasses just aren't enough to tone down the harsh light. Most blue light glasses only slightly reduce the blue light found in the early blue light spectrum (from 400nm to 440nm), blue light from 440nm to 500nm is free to enter... and so is green, yellow, amber, and red light.

Blue, Red, & Amber Light hurt

Blue light isn't the only culprit behind worsening your migraine, light sensitivity, and eye strain. Harvard scientists recently found that blueamber, and red light all increase migraine related head pain and they found that low intensity green light helps reduce pain.

Light that increases migraine pain
A New Lens

Avulux® glasses are made with a newly developed and patented technology that targets blue, amber, and red light and prevents up to 97% of the most painful light from making it to your eyes, all while letting in green light.

Avulux® can be worn indoors and outdoors and doesn't distort your color perception.

Scientifically Proven
Evidence-based relief

Avulux® has been clinically tested and is classified as a medical device in Canada and 31 additional countries for the prevention and treatment of migraine symptoms - including head pain and light sensitivity.

Avulux® is the only lens on the market clinically proven to provide migraine relief.

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Avulux Promise

If Avulux® doesn't bring you the migraine and light sensitivity relief you expect, send them back for a refund within 60 days.

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