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Specific Wavelengths of Light Can Trigger Migraine

Avulux® lenses precisely filter bad light while allowing in soothing green light and may help people living with migraine.
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Light that increases migraine pain
Why Do you Run Into A Dark Room?
Blue, Red, & Amber Light Hurt

Blue light isn't the only pain trigger behind your light sensitivity and eye strain. Harvard scientists recently found that blueamber, and red light all increase migraine headache pain and they found that low intensity green light can help reduce pain.

A Dark Room Alternative
Filter Harmful Light

The Avulux migraine & photophobia lens filters up to 97% of harmful blue, amber, and red light.

By preventing melanopsin, a cell at the retina in your eye, from becoming overexcited by exposure to certain light, it can prevent discomfort and/or reduce light related pain.

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Sunglasses Are Bad

Wearing a dark tint can cause chronic dark adaptation, leading to more pain and irritation caused by bright lighting. 

Avulux is balanced. It precisely filters light and allows in soothing light to help you manage the impact of light indoors & outdoors - without dark adaptation (Avulux also blocks UV rays).

Migraine drug side effects
Head or Eye Pain

If you find trouble spending time under harsh lighting or working in front of a screen due to pain and irritation caused by light, Avulux glasses can help (they can be comfortably worn indoors).

Avulux gets you out of your dark room
Calm & Relaxed

Avulux keeps your eyes, and your brain, calm and relaxed.

Avulux glasses are patented, clinically proven, and are the only glasses on the market to align with the most recent science on light and pain.

See What People are Saying

As someone with a neurological condition that results in light sensitivity and frequent headaches, these have been game changers. I wear them almost all the time...

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Lisa B.

I have tried several different FL-41 lenses through out the years (Axon, Theraspecs....) but have found that the Avulux lenses work so much better for me! They filter all the painful light wavelengths (white, blue, amber, and red light) that leads to my Photophobia.

Photophobia glasses for migraine and light sensitivity review
Ashley F.
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Wearing Avulux is Easy

Escaping painful light used to be impossible. Avulux is clinically proven and can help people living with migraine by precisely filtering light.