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Avulux vs. FL-41 Glasses: A New Era in Light Sensitivity Management

While FL-41 might have been the go-to solution in the past, it's time to step into the modern era. Avulux is the pinnacle of this evolution, offering a superior alternative to FL-41. Backed by clinical evidence, Avulux lenses effectively manage light sensitivity, a claim FL-41 can't match. But it doesn't stop there. Avulux addresses a broader spectrum of light triggers, including those from LED screens and sunlight, which FL-41 doesn’t. Discover why it's time to upgrade your migraine management strategy.

Experience the future of light management with Avulux lenses. Why is it that you may have heard more about FL-41 than Avulux? FL-41 has had 40 years to spread the word, while Avulux was released to the public in 2018. Know what else was widely used in the 1980s? Landline telephones. We’ve all moved on to our smartphones since then. Lens technology has evolved just as much. 

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Life Savers!

Within the last few months, my migraines started to get worse again and I started having monthly migraines that lasted for a week. My photophobia was becoming increasingly debilitating and my migraines kept worsening. Between green light therapy, hormone balance, and these Avulux glasses I've made it all month without a huge migraine blow up! I've tried FL-41's per my neuro-ophthalmologist's recommendation and they didn't work like these do. I am so glad I stumbled upon these lenses and I now have two pairs, one to serve as a back-up should anything happen to the ones I wear daily.

Brandi N.

Worth money and more!

I first bought a cheap pair of FL-41 glasses on Amazon which helped a little. Then I ordered Avulux and these make a huge difference. My brain immediately relaxes when i put these on and it even reduces significantly the migraine I am feeling. I know this is an expensive product, but if you suffer from photosensitive migraines it is worth every penny. Also the two other big competitors, their lenses are much redder so it feels funny to wear them indoor. This is truly a superior product! Treat yourself.


Best purchase ever!

Total game changer! I was diagnosed with Vestibular Migraines and PPPD over a year ago and have struggled with my eyes ever since. The glasses have been a huge help with fluorescent lighting and using my computer. I was an avid cyclist before my diagnosis and am just now starting to get back on the bike. My eyes continued to be a struggle while riding. Today, I gave these a try on my ride and it was absolutely AMAZING! Such a huge help. Made all the difference in the world. Can’t thank you enough Avulux for creating such a helpful product!!


Avulux versus FL-41:

Features Avulux Lenses Generic FL-41 Lenses
(TheraSpecs, Somnilight, etc.)
Precision Tinted Lenses Multi-Band Single-Band
Does Not Distort How You Perceive Color
Filters Up to 90% of Harmful Blue Light Some Brands
Filters Up to 97% of Harmful Amber & Red Light
Allows in Over 70% of Soothing Green Light While Filtering Harmful Light
Clinically Proven and May Help People with Migraine by Precisely Filtering Light
Premium Frames -
Effective Light Management Indoors or Outdoors With the Same Lenses

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Understand the difference visually
Avulux vs. FL-41 Lenses

FL-41 lenses merely skim the surface, blocking blue light. Avulux lenses, on the other hand, filter out not only blue light but also amber and red—the common light triggers of migraine discomfort. What sets Avulux apart is its ability to allow more of the beneficial light wavelengths, particularly green light, which have been shown to reduce migraine attacks. Avulux effectively manages a broader range of light wavelengths, offering comprehensive protection against light sensitivity.

Beyond functionality lies fashion. Avulux lenses not only outperform FL-41 in light management but also excel in style. Bid farewell to the conspicuous FL-41 tint of bright pink. Avulux lenses, the epitome of modern migraine glasses, boast a sleek, fashionable design that garners compliments rather than awkward stares. Plus, Avulux lenses ensure no color distortion or negative side effects. Elevate your look while prioritizing your well-being with Avulux.

Avulux Lenses

FL-41 Lenses

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Customers outside of the above countries can shop our Fit Over frames or Clip-On frames that
allow you to place your prescription in them locally. Our Clip-On frames come with both an acetate glasses frame to put your prescription lenses into and a titanium clip-on that contains our Avulux Migraine Lenses.

Wearing sunglasses can dark adapt your eyes. Consistently wearing sunglasses can significantly prevent light across the visible spectrum from entering your eyes which can make you even more sensitive to light. This increase in light sensitivity could more easily trigger migraine symptoms and increase light-triggered pain.

If you're currently wearing sunglasses, or dark glasses, indoors, wear Avulux for at least 2-3 weeks to allow your eyes to adapt to the lighter tint.

Likely, your doctor does not yet know about Avulux (please share with them!). We have been ramping up our advertising efforts and, with any new product, it takes time and effort to inform the medical community. Our goal is to make Avulux available to as much of the world’s migraine & photophobia community as possible, with the recognition it deserves.

You can find a directory of our Avulux Authorized Providers here.

We offer a 60-day home trial period, and if you're not satisfied with how Avulux migraine glasses can help manage light, you may return them in original condition (no scratches nor deformation). 

It's important that Avulux is worn before the light-triggered pain becomes unbearable. Research has shown that light-triggered pain can be worsened through continuous exposure to light.

If you feel Avulux isn't helping you manage light as a trigger, we suggest wearing Avulux continuously throughout your day (and while in front of any digital screens or under harsh lighting) for at least two weeks so you can be sure about whether they're helping you manage light.