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Avulux Bli Migraine Glasses
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Avulux Light Sensitivity Glasses


At the first sign of a migraine attack, or when screen time and harsh light holds you back, slide on your Avulux glasses and feel your eyes and brain relax as you power through your day.
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Size chart

Find the best fitting frame by comparing measurements on a pair of glasses that fit you well with Avulux frame measurements.

Most frames have three (3) numbers on the inside of the frame arm:


Avulux glasses number sizing

 These three numbers indicate in millimeters:

  • Lens Width - the lens measured at the widest part of one lens.
  • Bridge Width - measured at the part of the frame that rests on the nose.
  • Temple Length - a measure of the glasses arm that goes behind the ear.

A number that isn't listed on the inside of the frame's temple is the frame width and lens height.

Avulux Migraine Glasses size chart

Frame Width

Frame width is not listed as a number on your glasses, but it helps you find the right fit.

A fingertip of space between your face and the frame temple is best. You can measure the frame width (using a ruler or tape measure in millimeters) by measuring from one end of the front of your glasses to the other end.

You may also measure the Frame Width from one temple screw to the other. The screw to screw frame width will better allow you to gauge the space for your face within the frame itself.

These sizes are listed in millimeters on Avulux frame product pages.

Measuring frame width

Lens Height

You can measure the lens height (using a ruler or tape measure in millimeters) by measuring from the top to the bottom of the longest part of the lens.

avulux lens height

Virtual Try-On

If you're still unsure about which frame is best for you, try our virtual try-on.

Avulux Frame Sizes




Fit: Narrow
Frame Size:
49 mm-19 mm-145 mm
Lens Width:
49 mm
Bridge Width: 19 mm
Temple Length: 145 mm
Frame Width: 137 mm
Frame Width (screw to screw): 127 mm
Lens Height: 42 mm
Weight: 26 g
Frame Material: Acetate
Gender: Unisex

Bli Frames

A classic, rounded, retro Havana frame fit for any occasion. You can feel confident you'll both manage light and get through your day in style.

Light & Pain

Wavelengths of blue, amber, and red light have been clinically shown to increase migraine headache pain intensity.

The research shows a narrow band of green light can be soothing.

Easily Manage Light Anywhere

Avulux is your portable dark room. At the first sign of a migraine attack, during screen time, or under harsh lighting, slide on your Avulux glasses and feel your eyes relax as you power through your day.

Wearing Avulux filters harmful blue, amber, and red light and, as part of a healthy lifestyle, may help people living with migraine.

1. Download the OCHO Vision app: iOS or Android

2. Enter Store Code within App: Avulux

3. Try on our frames!

Note: iPhone X or above is required on iOS, the frames will appear accurately sized to your face in real time.

Frame size on Android is not automatically adjusted to your face size, it's for style reference only.

Free shipping within the USA.

Avulux ships from the USA. For shipments outside the USA, the courier will collect either VAT, duties, sales taxes, or brokerage fees from the customer prior to delivery.

Shipping options are displayed at checkout after entering your shipping address.

Read our full policy here.


Rx is available in the USA via International customers can find a local Avulux Authorized Provider.

How to Order

Select frame Color & Prescription to start ordering your Rx lenses. The price will update to reflect Rx options chosen.

Easily measure your Pupillary Distance (PD) and Segment Height using our virtual try-on.

If sending in your own frame and purchasing a progressive prescription, have your local eye care provider measure your segment height.

Please confirm your entered lens details match your prescription, Avulux is not responsible for incorrectly entered information.

Due to customization, Rx Avulux orders are non-refundable. Read our full policy here.

Rx Processing Time

Rx orders can take up to 2 weeks, in addition to shipping time, to process.

If you finance your purchase with Affirm (Shop Pay Installments), your first payment is due approximately two weeks after your purchase is finalized. Please note that due to extended delivery times, your loan payment(s) may be due before you receive your purchase.

  • Clean your lenses with the included microfiber cloth.
  • If your glasses have accumulated oil and debris. Use cool/warm water to clean the debris off your lenses before using your included cloth (or lint-free cloth) to dry them.
  • Store your glasses in a cool, dry place.

The following can damage your lenses, do not use:

  • Optical lens cleaners
  • Alcohol
  • Harsh chemicals
  • Detergents (Windex, laundry detergent, abrasive dish soap, etc.)
  • Paper towels/tissues that aren't meant for optical lenses

• Avulux glasses containing Avulux® Migraine & Light Sensitivity Lenses.

• Avulux glasses case.

• Avulux microfiber cleaning cloth.

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Patented & Advanced
Soothing Filtration

Keep your eyes and brain calm and protected as Avulux absorbs up to 97% of the most harmful blue, amber, and red light while letting soothing green light through.

Avulux Multi-band filtration migraine lens
Clinically proven migraine glasses image
The Highest Scientific Standard

Independent studies have shown that by precisely filtering light, Avulux Migraine & Light Sensitivity lenses may help people living with migraine.

Avulux is the only migraine lens to ever be proven effective at the highest standard of clinical testing.

Migraine Brain Icon
Light Sensitivity Experts

Physicians and engineers developed the Avulux lens technology to best benefit people with migraine and light sensitivity.

Migraine glasses & photophobia Glasses Icon
Calm & Comfortable

Avulux lenses are optimized for efficacy, without distorting your color perception, to maintain your quality of life.

& 100% UV Protection

Migraine Awareness No Sacrifices Icon
No Sacrifices

No side effects.
No recurring costs.
Wear them indoors or outdoors.
Take command in style.


 • Patented Avulux® lenses with antiscratch coating
 • Spring hinges for comfort and durability
 • Hand-finished frames
 • Lightweight
 • Fashionable

Manage Light, Maintain Color

Image of buildings without Avulux lens
Image of buildings with Avulux lens

Avulux Promise

If you're not satisfied with Avulux®, return them for a refund within 60 days.

We accept returns on non-prescription Avulux glasses.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Great Customer Service

I ordered the non-prescription first to try them out and liked them so much that I exchanged them for the prescription. The customer service people were super helpful and answered my questions quickly and clearly. The glasses seem like great quality and have been helping me a lot! Highly recommend.

Laura P.
Work well - but HEAVY

To start off, I have about 17-22 migraine attacks a month. My service dog alerts to them about 2 hours before they start so I utilize avulux as a part of my treatment plan. I’ve been able to successfully stop at least half my attacks without medication intervention with avulux and a few other tools in my migraine kit. I love these glasses, my one regret is getting this physical set vs another. Unfortunately I’m out of the trail timeframe so I can’t exchange them, but I find when I wear theses for multiple hours a day the weight on my face is a bit too much. I wish I got the ones that were significantly lighter weight. I love the look of these but the weight is enough that I couldn’t possibly wear them all day as suggested for chronic migraine sufferers.

Happy to hear the glasses are helping you through your days. We offer a 60 day return/exchange window, I checked your order via your email and see that you're still within that window. Please reach if you need any help exchanging. You can self-service by visiting our return/exchange portal here:

This sounds more like a fit issue rather than a weight issue. We'd recommend going with our Stratus, Nimbus, or Cirrus frame as they have adjustable nose pads and are some of the lightest frames around.

These glasses have prevented my migraines every time

I’ve always had migraines but over the years they have started occur more frequently. I tend to have maybe 2-4 a month. That is a pretty low amount but for years I could never figure out my triggers and how to prevent them. The best thing I could do was take some medicine and go to sleep in a dark room. What was even worse was if I would get a migraine while I was out and about and had nothing with me to try and lessen the pain. I had been doing tons of research recently and found many remedies to help soothe or prevent my migraines. I came across Avulux while searching for my other migraine remedies. I liked that the company had great reviews and their own studies which stood out against competitors. I decided to order a pair. Every time I felt my eyes were becoming sensitive to light or a migraine was coming on (sometimes light is a trigger or a symptom for me) I wear these glasses and I’m able to soothe the pain and my migraine goes away! It’s really like magic! I love these glasses! And even the persons with customer service were helpful. My first order got lost in the mail but customer service was swift in sending me another pair and staying in contact with me while I got them. The glasses are great! The one thing I would love is if the glasses could be worn while driving. I swap out and instead wear my sunglasses but maybe a pair of transitions would be nice, in the future of course. Also I wish there was an option to select a size for the style of the glasses. I’ve been wearing mine frequently and I notice they slide off my nose a bit when I’m doing certain things. Aside from those things I love my glasses! They allow me to continue with my day without taking medication and relieve migraine pain! I love the pair I have now but I do hope to get another pair in the future with my own lenses; for fashion option reasons of course :).

Donna K.
What a Relief

I’ve had serious light sensitivity since after cataract surgery. What a godsend to find a product that actually works to relieve pain and headaches that bright light caused!

I’m very happy with your proud & want to especially point out Andrea’s excellent customer support & speedy response to my email inquiries. You can be proud of her pleasant & professional skills!

Sharon O.
Best Indoor Glasses So Far

I developed photophobia following cataract surgery, I am very sensitive to light. I have tried glasses from two other companies for my condition. I would have to say that these glasses from Avulux are the best for indoor us. As for outdoor use, being in the bright sun, I feel that I need darker lens. I don't believe Avulux offers a transitional lens or sunglasses.