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Avulux Bli Migraine Glasses
Avulux Light Sensitivity Glasses


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Specifications (size guide):

  • Color: Havana or Clear
  • Lens: Avulux® Migraine Lens
  • Fit: Small/medium sized faces
  • Frame Size: 49-19-145 (Small/Medium)
  • Frame Width: 137.6mm
  • Lens Height: 41.8mm
  • Weight: 26g

All Avulux® migraine glasses come packed in a box with a premium carrying case and cleaning cloth.

Buy One, Get One 60% Off! Add 2 Items to Cart

Why Avulux?

Migraine Brain Icon
Evidence-based and Patented

The Avulux lens is the only lens that's been clinically proven to bring you migraine relief.

Classified as a medical device in 32 countries.

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Maximum Protection

Avulux lenses precisely absorb as much as 97% of the most painful light without distorting your color perception + 100% UV protection.

Migraine Awareness No Sacrifices Icon
No Sacrifices

No side effects. No recurring costs. Wear them indoors or outdoors. Take command in style.


 • Patented Avulux® lenses with antiscratch coating
 • Spring hinges for comfort and durability
 • Quality handmade frames
 • Lightweight

Avulux Promise

If Avulux doesn't bring you the relief you expect, return them for a refund within 60 days.

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United States
I recommend this product
They really do work!

Still an early user, these glasses have definitely lowered by risk of a full blown migraine on several occasions! When normally I would get the sharp piercing head pain, I can feel my eyes are calmer wearing these glasses and I can actually function while I am at work and don't feel the need to turn off all the lights and close my eyes. Even looking at a phone in a moving car (not driving!!) would make me nauseated and make my eyes hurt, but having the glasses on made me feel just normal! I will definitely bring these with me everywhere I go!

United States
I recommend this product
Best migraine glasses on the market, but NOT a cure

For context, I am 22 and I have had chronic migraine with aura since I was a sophomore in high school. My headaches have been on and off controlled by a variety of medications over the years. I have sensory processing disorder (likely from undiagnosed autism) and migraines, so my photophobia is pretty severe. As for these glasses, these are the best that I have tried. I have previously tried TheraSpecs and Axxon Optics, both red-light glasses and their polarized sunglasses. These are leagues better than their blue-light-blocking glasses, and are somewhat better than their polarized sunglasses. What sets the Avulux glasses apart are: - they are way cuter (look better on my face) - the shape blocks out way more surrounding light (it doesn't get through the sides as much) - they work extremely well both indoors and outdoors, so I only need to carry one pair of glasses around with me. They also help tremendously with transitions between dark and light environments. - they extend the time that I can look at screens without getting tired eyes. I can now watch tv at nighttime with my family without getting a headache (televisions are the worst because you can't adjust the brightness and it doesn't come with a built-in blue-light filter). - I used to get severe, sharp pain when going from dark to light places, and, while my eyes still take a while to adjust, I no longer feel pain as they adjust. - The darkness is in-between the darkness of sunglasses and normal glasses, so I find I am way less self-conscious wearing them all the time (I used to get embarrassed by the red-ness of other blue-light-blocking glasses) There are some cons, however: - I think they do help prevent or dissipate my smaller, daily headaches, but I don't think they do much for my full-blown migraine attacks (I still have to take an abortive, and if the abortive doesn't work these don't just make the pain disappear) - I worry about breaking them since they are so expensive - on video calls they do like quite dark (like I'm wearing sunglasses) so people tend to get concerned for me - I wish they came in more colors, but these have grown on me Overall, I 100% would recommend these glasses. I already told my neurologist about them so they can go out to more people. My mom also has a pair and uses them daily. For people who have had chronic migraine for many years, I wouldn't expect them to be curative, but they have quickly become a tool I use daily to assist with my photophobia and help me live a more normal life. Light is no longer actively painful, which is huge.

United States
I recommend this product
Relieving & Stylish

Loving my Bli glasses. I use them as a preventive measure when I'm exposed to triggers and also when I am feeling symptoms or mid-attack. Definitely helps that they are cute and stylish :)

United States
I recommend this product
Makes a difference

Customer service is excellent. Also these glasses have made a difference for my vestibular migraines. I am able to tolerate more light and tolerate watching tv in small doses. They really do work.

United States
I recommend this product
They work, period.

My migraines are very debilitating. We all know when a migraine starts we try to ride it out. The light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, and head pain derail my day. The migraine meds don't work effectively and sometimes make me drowsy. I ordered these glasses after spending a lot of time looking for any other avenues of relief. I got them delivered to my office. A few hours later I could feel a migraine coming on. I reached for the meds but saw the avulux box on my desk. I decided this would be an opportune time to see if I was keeping them or shipping them back. I opened the box and put them on. Not only am I keeping them but I'm ordering a second pair. I am still in shock. The start of my migraine was stopped in its tracks. After 20-30 seconds I started to feel better. A few minutes later, I forgot about my migraine and went back to work and continued my day like nothing happened. If you suffer from migraines these glasses are a must. They stop my migraines before they take over. I could have saved years worth of time and money if I knew about these sooner. They work, period.