Avulux and CR Surfacing partner to make innovative migraine & light sensitivity lenses available through eye-care practitioners across Australia

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Australians living with migraine can now come ‘out of the dark’ with Avulux migraine lenses  

DANDENONG SOUTH, AUSTRALIA - June 1, 2022 –  The world’s first clinically proven lens for migraine and light sensitivity management is now available through eye-care practitioners in Australia. CR Surfacing Laboratories, Australia’s premium prescription lens manufacturer, made the announcement today with migraine lens innovator Avulux to mark the start of Migraine Awareness Month (a global event held every June).   

“The theme of Migraine Awareness Month this year is ‘Out of the Dark,’ and Avulux lenses help light-sensitive people with migraine to step out of their darkened rooms and find relief,” said Dr. Charles Posternack, physician and founder of Avulux. Specific wavelengths of light can trigger migraine attacks and even increase pain, “Avulux is a safe, effective option that filters this painful migraine-triggering light to help people live well with migraine, and we are pleased to partner with CR Surfacing to make it available to the many Australians who live with migraine.”  

The companies also announced that for every set of Avulux lenses sold, CR Surfacing will donate $10 to Migraine Australia, a national patient advocacy organization dedicated to supporting Australians living with migraine and their families. Migraine Australia estimates that 4.9 million Australians live with migraine, including one in ten men and one in three women. Migraine costs the Australian economy an estimated $35 billion every year.  

Migraine is a complex inherited neurological disorder of sensory processing that affects up to one in five people,” said Jacqueline O’Brien, Director of Advocacy, Stakeholder Relations and Research, Migraine Australia. “It is not well understood by Australians but talking about it and making accessible solutions such as Avulux available will help to bring migraine out of the dark.”  

Avulux delivers proven relief from migraine symptoms 

Avulux is a scientifically proven, non-pharmaceutical option that effectively filters out blue, amber and red wavelengths of light which have been shown to trigger or worsen migraine attacks. Often, people with migraine are forced to retreat to a dark, isolated room until their symptoms pass. However, findings from an independently conducted clinical study showed that 72% of reported migraine attacks were free from light sensitivity symptoms in subjects wearing Avulux migraine glasses.   

“Avulux provides breakthrough technology in precision optical light filtration,” said Sasha Sergejew, Commercial Development Director, CR Surfacing. “As a company dedicated to discovering new solutions for complex problems, we are thrilled to bring the innovative Avulux lens to Australians living with migraine.”  

Migraine Awareness Month 2022 

All Australians are invited to learn more about migraine by visiting Migraine Australia at https://www.migraine.org.au/ and join the conversation during Migraine Awareness Month by using the hashtags #MAM2022 and #OutOfTheDark. 

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