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Size chart

Find the best fitting frame by comparing measurements on a pair of glasses that fit you well with Avulux frame measurements.

Most frames have three (3) numbers on the inside of the frame arm:


Avulux glasses number sizing

 These three numbers indicate in millimeters:

  • Lens Width - the lens measured at the widest part of one lens.
  • Bridge Width - measured at the part of the frame that rests on the nose.
  • Temple Length - a measure of the glasses arm that goes behind the ear.

A number that isn't listed on the inside of the frame's temple is the frame width and lens height.

Avulux Migraine Glasses size chart

Frame Width

Frame width is not listed as a number on your glasses, but it helps you find the right fit.

A fingertip of space between your face and the frame temple is best. You can measure the frame width (using a ruler or tape measure in millimeters) by measuring from one end of the front of your glasses to the other end.

You may also measure the Frame Width from one temple screw to the other. The screw to screw frame width will better allow you to gauge the space for your face within the frame itself.

These sizes are listed in millimeters on Avulux frame product pages.

Measuring frame width

Lens Height

You can measure the lens height (using a ruler or tape measure in millimeters) by measuring from the top to the bottom of the longest part of the lens.

avulux lens height

Virtual Try-On

If you're still unsure about which frame is best for you, try our virtual try-on.

Avulux Frame Sizes




Fit: Wide
Frame Size:
65 mm-15 mm-140 mm
Lens Width:
65 mm
Bridge Width: 15 mm
Temple Length: 140 mm
Frame Width: 145 mm
Frame Width (screw to screw): 150 mm
Lens Height: 40 mm
Frame with Clip-On Weight: 42.5 g
Frame Material: Plastic
Gender: Unisex

Fit Over Frames

The wrap-style Fit Over frames can be worn over your existing prescription glasses. They offer coverage above and on the side. These are a great option for people wanting to wear Avulux over several different prescription glasses or for those that want maximum coverage.

Light & Pain

Wavelengths of blue, amber, and red light have been clinically shown to increase migraine headache pain intensity.

The research shows a narrow band of green light can be soothing.

Easily Manage Light Anywhere

Avulux is your portable dark room. At the first sign of a migraine attack, during screen time, or under harsh lighting, slide on your Avulux glasses and feel your eyes relax as you power through your day.

Wearing Avulux filters harmful blue, amber, and red light and, as part of a healthy lifestyle, may help people living with migraine.

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  • Clean your lenses with the included microfiber cloth.
  • If your glasses have accumulated oil and debris. Use cool/warm water to clean the debris off your lenses before using your included cloth (or lint-free cloth) to dry them.
  • Store your glasses in a cool, dry place.

The following can damage your lenses, do not use:

  • Optical lens cleaners
  • Alcohol
  • Harsh chemicals
  • Detergents (Windex, laundry detergent, abrasive dish soap, etc.)
  • Paper towels/tissues that aren't meant for optical lenses

• Fit Over glasses containing Avulux® Migraine & Light Sensitivity Lenses.

• Avulux microfiber cleaning cloth.

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Patented & Advanced
Precision Filtration

Avulux absorbs up to 97% of the most harmful blue, amber, and red light while letting soothing green light through - keeping your eyes and brain calm and protected.

Avulux Multi-band filtration migraine lens
Clinically proven migraine glasses image
The Highest Scientific Standard

Independent studies have shown that by precisely filtering light, Avulux Migraine & Light Sensitivity lenses may help people living with migraine.

Avulux is the only migraine lens to ever be proven effective at the highest standard of clinical testing.

Migraine Brain Icon
Light Sensitivity Experts

A team of physicians and engineers developed the advanced Avulux lens technology from the ground up.

Avulux was born from research to best benefit you.

Migraine glasses & photophobia Glasses Icon
Calm & Comfortable

Avulux lenses are optimized for efficacy while remaining color neutral, to maintain your quality of life.

& 100% UV Protection

Migraine Awareness No Sacrifices Icon
No Sacrifices

No side effects.
No recurring costs.
Wear them indoors or outdoors.
Take command in style.


Patented Avulux® lenses with antiscratch coating.

Manage Light, Maintain Color

Image of buildings without Avulux lens
Image of buildings with Avulux lens

Avulux Promise

If you're not satisfied with Avulux®, return them for a refund within 60 days.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Susan R.
Avulux Glasses are the best!

I have migraines almost daily and I can't take most of medications that help others. I have tried some of the migraine glasses but Avulux have been a great help in reducing the number of migraines I have. I am considering having some prescription glasses made. Thank you for giving me some of my life back.

George K.
Works well but uncomfortable fit over

The fit over seems to work well except it causes my prescription glasses to press into my nose significantly and I have a sore spot where the left pad presses into my nose. I need to wear them full time because I’m in the high teens of headaches right now. Illl give them a couple more days but without any improvement I’m probably returning them. I can’t afford to spend $300+ for something I can’t wear.

Thanks for your feedback! We encourage you to consider exchanging your Fit Overs for a prescription pair of Avulux glasses, as it's the most comfortable option.

Ginni V.
These fit-over glasses give my eyes a visual calming boost

I love these new Avulux glasses, because with them on my eyes can just rest. Most of the time my eyes are sensitive to too much light and colors, and they are tired and dry from looking at too many screens - computer screen, iPad screen, mobile phone screen, etc. When I put these glasses on, my eyes and my brain can feel a bit more “quiet” while I am wearing them. The “visual noise” goes down and my eyes feel peaceful. The glasses fit well over any reading glasses I may be wearing, but also fit well by themselves, and the particular construction of this particular style acts as a sort of wrap-around in filtering out any unwanted bright light. They are expensive to purchase but I felt the investment was worth it to help improve my overall health and feeling of well-being.

Meshari A.A.

It's a little tight but good

So ugly but effective

I can’t bring myself to wear them in public - they are HUGE and I have a small head. They work well for at home, hiding, though!