Vestibular Migraine

How Avulux Migraine & Light Sensitivity Lenses Help

Migraine is one of the most debilitating chronic disorders in the United States – about 40% of migraine patients also have some sort of accompanying vestibular syndrome.

Did you know that up to 60% of migraine attacks are triggered by light? Avulux works by precisely filtering up to 97% of the harmful blue, amber and red lightwaves that are know to trigger these attacks. In fact, 90% of Avulux wearers find that Avulux helps them through their days, when worn as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Avulux lenses are patented, unique, and they block even more harmful light than FL-41 lenses.

Avulux – Your Partner For Managing Light Sensitivity

Avulux is proud to partner with the Vestibular Disorders Association to assist individuals with vestibular disorders, including light sensitivity, vertigo, headaches, and migraine.

Avulux glasses are clinically proven to help people manage the impact of light on their lives.

VeDA Member Benefits

$25 VeDA VIP Member Discount

VeDA members can save $25 at checkout by visiting our online shop through this exclusive VeDA VIP Member Discount lInk.

Your Purchase Supports VeDA

A portion of every Avulux purchase through the VeDA VIP Member Discount link is donated back to VeDA to support their important work.

Purchase With Confidence

Avulux offers a 60-day, no-hassle return policy so you have time to experience the effectiveness of Avulux on your vestibular migraine.

Over the moon happy with my purchase!

I tried a few different brands first and I was hesitant to order these because of the price. After reading the science and the money back guarantee, it was worth a shot. Total game changer! I was diagnosed with Vestibular Migraine and PPPD and have struggled with my eyes ever since. The glasses have been a huge help with fluorescent lighting and my computer. I was an avid cyclist before my diagnosis and am now getting back on the bike. My eyes were a struggle while riding. Today, I wore Avulux on my ride and it was absolutely AMAZING! Such a huge help. Made all the difference in the world. Can’t thank Avulux enough for creating such a helpful product!

I wasn't sure these would work for me but they sure do.

After years of telling doctors about my Vertigo and my eyes aching in the back and going to ear specialist they finally sent me to one that diagnosed me with Vestibular Migraines which I do not always get headaches with the Vertigo. I am also on Migraine Medicine. But these glasses have helped my eyes a lot . I wear them all day every day. My eyes do not ache.What a relief.