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Avulux Education

Step 1: Learn about migraine, light sensitivity, and Avulux.
Step 2
Sign up to be a FAIT customer

FAIT Optics is an Authorized Avulux Lab that can surface, edge, and mount Avulux lenses into the frames of your choice.

If you don't already have an Avulux ECP Welcome Kit, you'll be able to purchase one through FAIT.

Step 3: Download Purchasing Materials

Welcome Kit Details

Learn more about the Avulux ECP Welcome Kit and how it can help you start selling Avulux in record time.

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How to Purchase a Welcome Kit

This document shows you how to setup and purchase an Avulux Welcome Kit on VisionWeb, once you've signed up with FAIT, and includes an Avulux product list.

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Avulux Lab FAQ

This document answers common lab related questions.

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Step 4: Learn How to Implement Avulux into your practice.
Step 5: Download
Educational & Marketing Materials

Once you've completed the above easy steps and received your Avulux ECP Welcome Kit, you're ready to start selling as an Avulux Authorized Provider.

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