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Lilu with Clip-On
Marcello R.
Something is changing!

I've only recently paid more attention to my pain and my migraines, and only recently, I've discovered that lots of my episodes are likely to be associated to photophobia.

I never get immediate discomfort when exposed to harsh lights or neon lights, or during some screen time; but whenever one of these situations occurs, I get migraine right after.

Everything is kind of new to me on this matter and I'm still discovering and trying out new behaviors to avoid this pain. The only thing that immediately captured my interest was Avulux.

After having read everything I could and thought about it, I've decided to give it a try.

I've spent a lot of money on medicines and I've been trying every single thing out there (more or less).

What can I say, I am definitely starting to see some improvements! I'm not getting migraines during/after screen time these days and the same thing applies to when I go to supermarkets or places with similar light conditions. And with natural sunlight too.

Things are still in developement but they are moving in the right direction to me. I'll be happy to post another part of my experience after having used the Avulux glasses even longer.

Honestly satisfied 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Irene P.

I wasn't sure these would work for me but they sure do. After years of telling doctors about my Vertigo and my eyes aching in the back and going to ear specialist they finally sent me to one that diagnosed me with Vestibular Migraines which I do not always get headaches with the Vertigo. I am also on Migraine Medicine. But these glasses have helped my eyes a lot . I wear them all day every day. My eyes do not ache.What a relief.

Fit Over
Susan R.
Avulux Glasses are the best!

I have migraines almost daily and I can't take most of medications that help others. I have tried some of the migraine glasses but Avulux have been a great help in reducing the number of migraines I have. I am considering having some prescription glasses made. Thank you for giving me some of my life back.

Fit Over
George K.
Works well but uncomfortable fit over

The fit over seems to work well except it causes my prescription glasses to press into my nose significantly and I have a sore spot where the left pad presses into my nose. I need to wear them full time because I’m in the high teens of headaches right now. Illl give them a couple more days but without any improvement I’m probably returning them. I can’t afford to spend $300+ for something I can’t wear.

Thanks for your feedback! We encourage you to consider exchanging your Fit Overs for a prescription pair of Avulux glasses, as it's the most comfortable option.

Unfortunately, did not work

I was hoping that these glasses would help. Unfortunately, despite wearing them consistently for well over a week, I did not notice a difference. Hoping they work for others!

Thank you for trying Avulux lenses! We offer a 60 day return window so you can confirm you're happy with our lenses. We wish you success in finding solutions that help you get through your days.

Fit Over
Ginni V.
These fit-over glasses give my eyes a visual calming boost

I love these new Avulux glasses, because with them on my eyes can just rest. Most of the time my eyes are sensitive to too much light and colors, and they are tired and dry from looking at too many screens - computer screen, iPad screen, mobile phone screen, etc. When I put these glasses on, my eyes and my brain can feel a bit more “quiet” while I am wearing them. The “visual noise” goes down and my eyes feel peaceful. The glasses fit well over any reading glasses I may be wearing, but also fit well by themselves, and the particular construction of this particular style acts as a sort of wrap-around in filtering out any unwanted bright light. They are expensive to purchase but I felt the investment was worth it to help improve my overall health and feeling of well-being.

Elizabeth H.
Seems to help

Have noticed improvement since wearing these glasses.

Didn’t work for me

I have light sensitivity from TN disease. It didn’t work for me

Thanks for giving Avulux lenses a try. Currently, Avulux lenses have been clinically tested for migraine related light sensitivity. We value your feedback as we're continuously exploring how we could further apply Avulux lenses.

Hannah R.
Have helped my migraines

I bought these because I have had a hard time stabilizing my migraines and I am on a lot of medications, not much has been working, while I still get some here and there, I would say I’ve been having less which is a win in my book so I am satisfied and I love the design though they are a little red toned for my taste but still good!

Stephanie B.
I wear my Avulux all day, every day

Seriously, I wear them all day, every day. They have helped immensely with my light sensitivity. I work on a computer screen all day, they are magical for screens! They are perfect for my plethora of medical appointments. I put on a baseball hat for overhead glare, wear my Avulux, and voila no stabbing feeling in my eyes. They are totally worth the price.

Bli with Clip-On
Laetitia D.C.

Helps but the frames are too large for me and the clip-on is heavy (I regret that it isn't possible to make corrected lenses in selected adapted frames)

Kristin M.
Improved Quality of Life - Meniere's and Vestibular Migraines

These migraine glasses allow me to get more quality time on the computer as well as outside. With Meniere's and vestibular migraines my eyes sensitivity to light fluctuates from day to day. On very challenging days these glasses minimize the pressure of stress on my eyes and allow me to join my family for meals or on walks. On good days they increase my productivity and allow me to address tasks bad days make impossible.

Emily H.
Great Product!

I work in an environment with lots of harsh light. I was having 3-4 ocular migraines (with auras) during my workweek. I have been using these glasses everyday during work and I haven't had another migraine since. Can't recommend these enough for light/screen migraine issues.

Helps me get through work

These glasses are great. I got the clip on pair and found they can work on my normal glasses until my prescription part comes in. They have helped with the light in my office on those days where my eyes are bouncing. They truly have gotten me through some days at work. I get migraines at least 15 days out of the month. With these I have not had to go home nearly as often. Do they help with pain no but they make it so I can read and function. I wish they had more styles for the clip on. Because you don't always need the filter so it's great to use when needed.

The glasses work

I purchased the glasses for my partner who was moved to a new area at work and experienced dizziness from the sea of florescent lighting. She went to doctors and wore blue light glasses, nothing helped. She put on the Avulux glasses and felt 80% better the first day. As time has passed, she is feeling even better and reports 95% success. I highly recommend these glasses for anyone experiencing light sensitivity, particularly with florescent lighting.

Holly M.
so far so good!

I have only used them a couple of days but:
1. the glass is clear and image is sharp
2. I find the glasses comfortable to wear all day long: Not bothered with the wavelength-altered image even indoors and not bothered by the glasses on my nose or ears
3. so far, successful at managing my light sensitivity at work

Make things worse

I was really excited about these but unfortunately after using them for a few weeks, they actually seem to make my dizziness/disorientation/headache issues worse. I needed them for looking at computer screens all day at work and haven’t found them to relieve any issues with that.

Hello, we're sorry to hear you're having trouble with your glasses. We see you purchased a custom prescription pair, please reach out to our team at so we can provide guidance.

Sara R.
Life Changing

These glasses have been life changing for me. I am on the autism spectrum and have issues with light sensitivity. These glasses are like instantly putting a soft filter over the world of my a pillow for my eyes. I am much less agitated and irritated when I wear these glasses. I feel more relaxed.
I work in surgery under harsh OR lights and I look forward to putting these glasses on when I get done with work. I am buying a second pair with more coverage to use at work.
I never knew something like these glasses could affect my well being in such a good way. I have been recommending them to others. Thank you!!!

Fit Over
Meshari A.A.

It's a little tight but good

Fit Over
So ugly but effective

I can’t bring myself to wear them in public - they are HUGE and I have a small head. They work well for at home, hiding, though!

Changed my life

After starting a new job, I found my migraine frequency tripled. I eventually realized that it was the lighting in the office that was causing them so frequently. though Avulux recommends allowing a couple weeks for your eyes to adjust to these glasses, I noticed relief the very first day. I'm almost migraine free now on in-office days. I wish I had known about these sooner! Only thing is I wish there were more frame options.

Mary M.
Far too tight

Way too painfully tight. Instant migraine intensity. Unable to wear.

You may easily exchange those for a wider frame through our return portal, we recommend the Lilu, Cirrus, or Nimbus as they are wider frames than the Nala. You may visit our returns portal here

Changed Everything

I was having 1 to 2 migraines a week until I got these lenses. Since I've had them I have not had 1 migraine. I can't say I'm cured, but improved so much so that I never want to be without them. This changed my quality of life for the better. I can't thank Avulux enough for giving me my life back.

Samantha S.
Real Migraine Prevention and Relief

I was skeptical but my refractory migraines were not responding to any mainstream medications for prevention or symptom relief. Within one day of use, I could tell immediately these glasses reduced the severity, brain fog and dizziness I experience with the typical migraine. Using during any screen time or overhead light has been key in migraine prevention. If you find yourself with photosensitivity, highly recommend giving these a try!

Shannon H.
The only thing that keeps me functioning

My migraine attacks are triggered by light. Very debilitating but with these glasses and a hat I can function most days.