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Feeling is amazing when you put them on a strained eye. Thank you Avulux.

Lauren T.
Cute, and they work!

I’m recovering from viral meningitis. My light sensitivity is terrible due to my illness, but these glasses make it possible to go through out my day! I don’t always need them, but when I do, they work amazingly well. And they look good.

Weather vestibular migraine

These glasses help mostly with light sensitivity but they do not help with vestibular migraines that happen during barometric pressure swings. I become off balance and get a pain behind my left eye but the glasses reduce my neck pain somewhat.

Bridgit D.

These glasses have helped my daughter so much! I am so grateful our neurologist recommended them! I highly recommend them!

Worth money and more!

i have always been somewhat photosensitive to artificial light(not sunlight at all) but recently started getting migraines(57 yr old, male) and the photosensitivity to flourescents and other artificial light skyrocketed.
I first bought a cheap pair of fl-41 glasses on amazon which helped a little. Then i ordered avulux and these make a huge difference. my brain immediately relaxes when i put these on and it even reduces significantly the migraine i am feeling. I know this is an expensive product, but if you suffer from photosensitive migraines it is worth every penny. Also the two other big competitors, theraspec and axon, their lenses are much redder so it feels funny to wear them indoor. avulux are a bit red, but much more a gray tone. this is truly a superior product! treat yourself. FYI, i have zero affiliation with this company

Great Customer Service

I ordered the non-prescription first to try them out and liked them so much that I exchanged them for the prescription. The customer service people were super helpful and answered my questions quickly and clearly. The glasses seem like great quality and have been helping me a lot! Highly recommend.

Pamela S.
An environment of calm

I have enjoyed wearing the glasses day and night since they arrived in late November 2022. I have Fuches Syndrome which results in my eyes being sensitive to bright light. Living in Florida makes it constantly necessary for sunglasses. Wearing the glasses indoors and at night has been really interesting because I feel 30% calmer while doing so. The glass frames are lightweight and comfortable, but on the other hand they are kind of fragile for the life I lead. My cell phone and glasses need to be tough! Working with the company has been smooth and efficient.

Worth the price

I bought these after holding off for a few weeks due to the price. Had been having a chronic migraine for 3 months and although the pain had drastically improved, the light sensitivity was still very debilitating. The light sensitivity would bring on the migraine pain as well, and I found myself wearing sunglasses around the clock, not ideal!

These glasses have prevented 99% of my light sensitivity, and thus have helped reduce the migraine pain! Well worth the money. The lenses fit over my own frames as well, I now wear them 24/7.

so helpful for daily use!!

I have been using my glasses almost every day for a few months now and they’ve changed my life. I get both migraine attacks and I have a baseline migraine that’s just always there no matter what I do, so these help prevent attacks and provide relief against the baseline. At first I was insecure wearing them indoors since they’re more tinted than I thought, but honestly no one has ever questioned me about them. I wear them when I go to school, go shopping, watch a movie, work on my laptop, and go to concerts which has been a literal lifesaver. Obviously there’s only so much they can do, but on BAD days I mix these with ear mufflers (head compression + blocks out loud noises) and the cefaly tens unit and it’s cut down the need for ibuprofen or fioricet which I’m grateful for. These are tailored for indoor use, for outdoor use you’d want glasses with more tint (aka regular sunglasses). That’s pretty much it, the structure of the glasses are a little flimsier than I expected them to be.

Muslim A.
Glasses relieved chronic migraine, but broken by toddler hands the 2nd day

I have had chronic migraine for around 12 years, always on the right side, which gets triggered and intensified by either light sources or gluten containing food.

To counter light triggered headaches, I’ve tried blue-light filtering glasses before (Warby Parker) and while they do somewhat lessen my light sensitivity, my right eye (headache side) still felt dry and irritable even if to a lesser degree.

Recently, I was getting exposed to a lot of strong light sources during my job and my headaches intensified significantly. After some research, I stumbled upon Avulux’s website and when I saw their technology was backed by clinical trials and their claim about how their glasses let in green wavelengths known to sooth headache pain (which I’ve known to be effective in relieving pain, from prior research I’ve looked into) I was very interested to try a pair and see how it goes. The glasses arrived and after only a few days, I could tell they were different. Not only did they significantly reduce my light sensitivity, they also seemed to slowly heal/sooth my very exhausted right eye after a month of intense headaches! Was really happy to see such positive results after struggling with light induced headaches for so long😌

They only reason I reduced one star in my rating is because my toddler (2 years old) was able to break the left temple only one day after receiving my frames. I know it’s mostly my fault for not being more careful but it still felt a little disappointing since other frames I’ve had withstood tougher trials😞

But as a testament to how much I liked the results I was getting, I immediately bought another pair (got the ‘Bli’ pair instead) which I’m currently wearing and totally loving how it looks and feels!

Nina W.
Love these glasses!

Very lightweight (which is great for having them on for hours). I use them to reduce eye sensitivity and pain due to working from home. Highly recommend this style too.. very cute!

Jessica F.

i have very sensitive eyes and these glasses help make it so my migraine goes away faster and i can function better when having a migraine. these are amazing! 100% worth it!

Big Difference

Hello Avulux, thank you for giving my son relief from his migraines/daily chronic headaches! So thrilling that you are now able to put your lenses in his regular frames. Your lenses are a games changer for him!

Taylor D.
Love my Avulux glasses!

My migraines have gone down from 3-5 per week to 1-2 per week and when I have a migraine and wear my glasses, the pain becomes more manageable. Especially makes a difference when I am on my computer for work.

Christopher N.
Good, just flimsy.

These glasses have helped me immensely, but they’re just very flimsy and I don’t think that they’ll last long. Either way, I’m grateful for them.

Hillary M.
Love them!

Can’t live without them now! I was having a lot of sensitivities to light and eye twitching, both totally went away after wearing these and they’re super cute to boot!

Walter M.

Good product and a good service

Andres M.
Excellent product for migraines triggered by light!

I’ve been using AVULUX glasses for more than a month and I have noticed a reduction in my migraine symptoms (both frequency and intensity).

Laura P.
Work well - but HEAVY

To start off, I have about 17-22 migraine attacks a month. My service dog alerts to them about 2 hours before they start so I utilize avulux as a part of my treatment plan. I’ve been able to successfully stop at least half my attacks without medication intervention with avulux and a few other tools in my migraine kit. I love these glasses, my one regret is getting this physical set vs another. Unfortunately I’m out of the trail timeframe so I can’t exchange them, but I find when I wear theses for multiple hours a day the weight on my face is a bit too much. I wish I got the ones that were significantly lighter weight. I love the look of these but the weight is enough that I couldn’t possibly wear them all day as suggested for chronic migraine sufferers.

Happy to hear the glasses are helping you through your days. We offer a 60 day return/exchange window, I checked your order via your email and see that you're still within that window. Please reach if you need any help exchanging. You can self-service by visiting our return/exchange portal here:

This sounds more like a fit issue rather than a weight issue. We'd recommend going with our Stratus, Nimbus, or Cirrus frame as they have adjustable nose pads and are some of the lightest frames around.

I can watch movies again!

I have photophobia and watching a TV or movie screen had simply become too painful and stimulating (I'd be awake for hours afterwards), even with sunglasses. Avalux did the trick. I can now watch comfortably, and sleep afterwards! Yea!

My second purchase getting Avulux lens in my frames, still pleased!

This is my second time purchasing from Avulux and I decided to get their lenses in my own frames. The instructions to send off my frames were clear and customer service was there to answer any questions I had. The process was actually very quick and my glasses came back safe and looked great! I’m very happy with both of my glasses and both of my experiences with Avulux. I feel prepared for my migraines now having the glasses! Would certainly recommend!

Jodie C.
Game Changer!

These glasses have definitely become a staple in my migraine prevention/coping arsenal. They decrease the eye fatigue from staring at a computer all day for work and the horrible fluorescent lights. They really help with the light sensitivity in the beginning and during a migraine attack, one less aggravating stimulus to have.

Michael G.

Helped tremendously with sensitivity to light, stopped migraines and really helped with vertigo. Only bad side was I had to get a MD note but not avulux fault at all. Worth the money and is also great for sunlight.

Taunya B.
Life Changing

I love my Avulux glasses!. I ordered the Cambridge frame. I am someone who suffers from a vestibular disorder and also vestibular migraines. I was struggling to go into grocery stores, malls, big box stores I felt like I was having a sensory overload, from the lighting, shiny floors and the aisles that were packed with food on the shelves. I would get really bad panic attacks, dropping sensations, just feeling overwhelmed. Since using my glasses my world is changing for the better. Anytime I feel like a headache is coming on I put my glasses on and I feel a sense of calm and my eyes feel like they are being soothed. When I am in stores it takes away all of the harsh lighting and it calms the environment. Walking outside is so much nicer with these glasses. I am so happy with my purchase!!!

Courtney S.
So helpful

This is my second pair- one in prescription and one not. I can’t imagine not having these anymore! I have chronic intractable migraine and deal with pain and symptoms all day every day and when I heard about these I took a chance. They are soothing on my eyes and allow me to watch some TV and manage some screen time but I still have to dim the brightness on the devices. I wear these every single day inside but when I leave the house I still need to wear sunglasses because I need a darker lens (Avulux- create sunglasses one day!!!! Lol) while these don’t take my pain away they do help my quality of life and can prevent a massive flare up. Thank you Avulux!