Avulux vs Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Looking for blue light blocking glasses? You might be surprised to learn that they aren’t all they're cracked up to be. While they claim to block blue light, they often fall short in targeting the specific wavelengths known to worsen light sensitivity and migraine. 

Glasses that block red and amber light - in addition to blue light - can help you more if you experience photophobia and migraine.  

See What Our Customers Have to Say

Doctor approved. Game changer.

I purchased these glasses about a month ago and I wear them daily. They have been a game changer for me. As a doctor, I research everything. I ran across these lenses while researching light filtering glasses. FL41 glasses didn't seem to be enough. I am so grateful I found these. They are rooted in science and they do what they promise. The studies and medical literature support the use of these glasses. Doctor approved!
I suffer from chronic migraines and MDDS. Both of these conditions amplify my light sensitivity to both blue light (virtually every screen- computer,phone, tv) and indoor light (floursecent and artificial light in general). Even with all kinds of screen filters and light dimmers, the visual stimulation was often still overbearing and intolerable. These glasses have changed this for me. Period.

Marie J.

The glasses work

I purchased the glasses for my partner who was moved to a new area at work and experienced dizziness from the sea of florescent lighting. She went to doctors and wore blue light glasses, nothing helped. She put on the Avulux glasses and felt 80% better the first day. As time has passed, she is feeling even better and reports 95% success. I highly recommend these glasses for anyone experiencing light sensitivity, particularly with florescent lighting.

Christine H.

Finally something that helps

I’m in my early 30’s and have had chronic migraine for over a decade. Within the last few years they have become more frequent (3-4 times a week). I have seen many specialists and have tried many medications and supplements to find relief. I tried blue light glasses and found they did nothing. My avulux glasses allow me to stare at a screen for work all day and sit in front of a bright window without triggering a migraine. The days that I do feel any type of head pain I find that with my glasses on I can continue to carry on with daily tasks and work in front of a screen without the pain getting significantly worse. I still have to take medication but the severity of my migraines has diminished, which I’ll take any day!

Nicole B.
Understanding Blue Light Blockers 

The term “blue light blockers” encompasses a range of products that aim to reduce the adverse effects of blue light exposure from digital screens and artificial lighting. These blockers come in various forms, including glasses, screen filters, and coatings for electronic devices.

Their primary function is to reduce the amount of blue light reaching the eyes, and they claim to alleviate symptoms such as eye strain, fatigue, and disrupted sleep patterns; however, several studies¹ suggest this to be false.

Working on Laptop With Avulux
The Science Behind Avulux 

While traditional blue light blockers offer limited protection, Avulux lenses take eye protection to the next level. Engineered to absorb blue, amber, and red wavelengths of light, while allowing soothing green light to pass through, our lenses provide a comprehensive defense tailored for individuals living with migraine and light sensitivity. Incorporating Avulux into your daily routine, alongside other healthy lifestyle choices, may significantly alleviate the impact of migraine and light sensitivity on your life.

Avulux vs. Blue Light Blockers: What Sets Us Apart 

Blue light blockers, despite their name, often fall short in effectively shielding your eyes from the harmful effects of blue and amber light. As illustrated in the chart, these blockers typically do not block significant amounts of blue (480nm) or amber (590nm) light – both of which are known to exacerbate photosensitivity². To achieve optimal light management, it's essential to block both wavelengths effectively. 

Fortunately, Avulux lenses are designed to address this issue head-on. Our lenses reduce over 80% of blue light and up to 97% of amber light reaching your eyes, ensuring comprehensive protection against the wavelengths most likely to trigger discomfort for individuals with migraine and light sensitivity. 

See why Avulux is the best migraine glasses compared to generic blue light glasses: 

Features Avulux Lenses Generic Blue Light Glasses
Precision Tinted Lenses Multi-Band
Does Not Distort How You Perceive Color Some Brands
Filters Up to 90% of Harmful Blue Light
Filters Up to 97% of Harmful Amber & Red light
Allows in Over 70% of Soothing Green Light While Filtering Harmful Light
Clinically Proven and May Help People with Migraine by Precisely Filtering Light
Premium Frames -
Effective Light Management Indoors or Outdoors With the Same Lenses

So Why Choose Avulux Over Blue Light Blocking Glasses? 

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Clinically Proven

Avulux is the only clinically proven lens for those living with migraine and light sensitivity, providing assurance and efficacy unmatched by other alternatives.

Precise Light Filtering

Avulux lenses meticulously filter up to 97% of harmful blue, amber, and red light, while allowing up to 70% of soothing green light. Compare this with blue light blocking lenses using our light transmission graph.

No Color Distortion

Avulux lenses maintain true color perception, ensuring that your visual experience remains unaltered while enjoying comprehensive light protection.

Consistent Lens Quality

At Avulux, we prioritize not only the durability and comfort of our frames but also the superior consistency of our lenses. Utilizing advanced spectrometer measurements, we ensure that every pair of Avulux lenses maintains a consistent tint. This consistency ensures uniform protection against the types of light scientifically linked to discomfort.

90% find migraine and light sensitivity relief with Avulux
High Satisfaction Rate

Up to 90% of people who wear Avulux, tell us that our glasses effectively help them get through their days.

Avulux stands as the optimal choice for individuals navigating migraine and light sensitivity, backed by unique benefits that ensure eye comfort and protection.

Embrace Comfort Avulux Migraine Glasses

Our patented lenses are engineered to precisely filter out harmful blue, amber, and red light wavelengths without inducing any negative side effects. Avulux helps you get back to doing the things you love, with greater comfort and peace of mind. 

Shop Avulux online or consult your optometrist about Avulux for personalized guidance. Your eyes deserve the utmost care – let's journey towards more comfortable days together. 

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