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6.7 million U.S. military veterans suffer with migraine and disabling headaches. Avulux can help.

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If You're a Veteran Living With Migraine, You're Not Alone

Migraine is a common neurological condition that affects more than one billion people worldwide. However, veterans are disproportionally affected by migraine disorder. Approximately 36% of veterans who have served, suffer with migraine and disabling headaches; about triple that of the general public.

Some two million of those are receiving medical care for their headaches. On any given day in the United States, about 150,000 sufferers are so afflicted they cannot leave their beds, let alone go to work.

Migraine and Veteran Impact

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs study, veterans experience migraine attacks three time more frequently than the general population – an astounding 36% of veterans compared to 12% of non-veterans.

Migraine is noted as one of the most common reasons for medical discharge from the U.S. military. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Defense states that migraine is the second leading cause of medical evacuation from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Soldier Wearing Avulux

Talk to your provider about Avulux lenses. If your purchasing agent places an order on behalf of you, Avulux lenses are covered 100% by the clinic.

How Avulux Works

Avulux Migraine & Light Sensitivity Lenses precisely filter up to 97% harmful blue, amber and red wavelengths of light while allowing a narrow and of beneficial, soothing green light through. Unlike other “migraine” or “neurological” lenses,

Avulux is clinically proven to help people living with migraine. Avulux lenses do this without distorting color perception, while remaining safe to wear indoors or outdoors.

Customer Testimonials

These glasses have helped me slowly feel like a normal person again after a head injury that has caused serious migraines and sensitivity to screens and light. I had been wearing blue light glasses for a while and finding that they didn’t help. I can’t live without these now.


I recently purchased Avulux Lenses which I had fitted into my own frames. I have been diagnosed with vestibular migraine and I have a very difficult time with the lighting in grocery stores, department stores etc. This made it impossible for me to shop for more than a few minutes without increased dizziness. Since I've received my Avulux lenses I've been able to enjoy shopping again! They have decreased my symptoms significantly! I even went on vacation recently and visited several museums which prior to wearing my Avulux lenses would have surely resulted in a migraine. I was lucky as my insurance paid for them. I know I will never be without these incredible lenses!

Susan M.

I suffered a severe brain trauma about 20 yrs ago, I have dealt with chronic severe migraines on an almost daily basis since then. My wife discovered Avulux as an option. I've had them for over a month and so far have had 2 migraines. This is an amazing alternative to all the different needs the doctors have tried over the years.

Michael F.