Meet Alicia Wolf, The Dizzy Cook

Having battled chronic vestibular migraine for years, Alicia Wolf – also known as The Dizzy Cook – has finally found her way back to doing the things she loves: cooking, enjoying time with her young family, and supporting others in the migraine community, one recipe at a time.

Alicia Wolf, The Dizzy Cook

The Dizzy Cook’s Journey With Vestibular Migraine

Alicia Wolf is happiest in the kitchen. She loves the mindfulness of preparing meals, and the joy of sharing delicious, healthy food with her family. She’s even turned it into a career.

But it wasn’t always this way. Nearly a decade ago, Alicia began a battle with vestibular migraine. She experienced vertigo, nausea, brain fog and exhaustion, often so severely that she was unable to drive or exercise. She loved to travel but could no longer handle the feeling of being on an airplane. She had to walk away from the career she had built in watch design. And because light was a migraine trigger, she couldn’t even do simple things like grocery shopping. 

Then she discovered Avulux Migraine & Light Sensitivity Lenses.

Make Alicia's Spicy Salmon Bowl

As mentioned in the video above, one of Alicia's favorite go-to recipes is her Spicy Salmon Bowl. Click the button below for the recipe and more migraine diet-friendly recipes.

How The Dizzy Cook Manages Her Vestibular Migraine Symptoms

Alicia had been building a toolkit to help her regain control of her life amid the often-disorienting symptoms of vestibular migraine. From dietary adjustments to lifestyle changes, Alicia explored various avenues to find relief and enhance her overall well-being, selecting some options – particularly migraine recipes – that really helped. When it came to managing the impact of light, however, she tried FL-41 lenses and sunglasses and neither was effective. 

She learned that Avulux lenses are engineered with precision-tinted filters that aim to mitigate the effects of specific light wavelengths associated with migraine attacks, so she decided to try them – and found that adding them to her toolkit helped her get back to doing the things she loves.

Today, Alicia runs an award-winning blog called The Dizzy Cook, dedicated to improving the diet and lifestyle of those who experience migraine. She is a cookbook author and vestibular migraine advocate.

“I only wish I knew about Avulux sooner,” Alicia says. “When I was chronic, there were many days when I was so exhausted I just didn’t feel like cooking. Now I not only cook for myself and my family, but I’m able to work for longer hours sharing migraine-friendly recipes and information with the community. I love that I can help other people and better manage my own symptoms.”

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Are Migraine Glasses Worth It?

Avulux lenses also played an important role in Alicia’s journey to motherhood. She says her first pregnancy resulted in an emergency Caesarean section, and with the movement of the gurney and bright lights of the hospital hallway, she experienced vestibular migraine-related pain, anxiety and exhaustion. When her second pregnancy included a planned C-section, she wore her Avulux lenses right up until she entered the operating room, and that helped to address the impact of light – resulting in a gentler, far more positive childbirth experience. 

“There’s no question that Avulux lenses are worth the price you pay,” Alicia says. “They’re scientifically proven and have made a huge difference in my life.”