Avulux Light Sensitivity Lilu Glasses in Red for Rx
Lilu para prescripción
Lilu para prescripción
Lilu para prescripción
Lilu para prescripción
Lilu para prescripción
Lilu para prescripción
Lilu para prescripción
Lilu para prescripción
Lilu para prescripción
Lilu para prescripción

Lilu para prescripción

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Nota: Para este producto, los clips de titanio vienen equipados con Avulux® Lentes para migraña. Los marcos vienen equipados con lentes en blanco para que pueda reemplazarlos con su receta en su optometrista local.

Especificaciones  (Guia de tallas):

  • Ajuste: Rostros pequeños / medianos
  • Tamaño del marco: 49-22-140 (medio)
  • Ancho del marco: 138,4 mm 
  • Altura de la lente: 43,2 mm
  • Clip en: Titanio
  • Peso del cuadro: 22g
  • Peso con clip: 11g

Todas Avulux® Los anteojos para migrañas vienen empaquetados en una caja con un estuche de transporte de primera calidad y un paño de limpieza.

¿Por qué Avulux?

Migraine Brain Icon
Basado en evidencia y patentado

La lente Avulux es la única lente que se ha probado clínicamente para ayudarlo a controlar el impacto de la sensibilidad a la luz y sus síntomas asociados en su vida diaria.

Clasificado como dispositivo médico en 32 países.

Migraine glasses & photophobia Glasses Icon
Protección máxima

Las lentes Avulux absorben con precisión hasta el 97% de la luz más dolorosa sin distorsionar su percepción del color + 100% de protección UV.

Migraine Awareness No Sacrifices Icon
Sin sacrificios

Sin efectos secundarios. Sin costos recurrentes. Úselos en interiores o exteriores. Toma el mando con estilo.


• Lentes Avulux® patentadas con revestimiento antirrayas
• Bisagras de resorte para mayor comodidad y durabilidad
• Marcos hechos a mano de calidad
• Ligero

Promesa de Avulux

Si no está satisfecho con Avulux®, devuélvalo para obtener un reembolso dentro de 60 días.

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Bailey R.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product
Life Changing

Before this, I had a supervisor brag about how I had several pairs of sunglasses for the weather and personal pain variables for driving that affect my light sensitivity. Driving to remote locations is a big part of my job but also a necessary part of life to be independent. I cried the first time I put on my avulux, from the immediate relief even without an active migraine episode. My frequency and severity of migraine episodes has decreased, and I feel much less to no panic anymore when one starts to build while Im out and about because I can cope or mitigate an episode. Often without the aid of my triptan. The lense clip fits nicely on my current pair so I use the clip ons on the original frame for when Im wearing contacts. And have even put them on sunglasses to help when where contacts because the lenses do not help a lot with severe brightness (ei. Snow) but they help too much. I'd still choose them over my sunglasses on a bright day but I love them for not making things really dark or changing colour perception because I've been able to get relief when I need in most with overcast days that are too dark for sunglasses, evenings when headlights start to hurt, etc. And other daily ideals like grocery shopping or places with fluorescent lights, watching tv or working on my online course. I dont go anywhere without them. I still cry sometimes when they help with new experiences I never would expected (rain, i didnt know all those drops hurt reflected so much painful light until my first car ride in rain). I found the clip ons a bit heavy for the first couple weeks, add sinus headaches but I would just wear them for short periods until I adapted and that was so worth it. Hope to one day invest in another pair of the regular avulux frames. I could go on for days about them

Avulux Lilu for Prescription ReviewAvulux Lilu for Prescription ReviewAvulux Lilu for Prescription Review
United States United States
I recommend this product
5 star for these clip ons

Since I wear prescription eyeglasses I ended up not choosing to fit the frames with the matching clip ons—-they were too large so I am using the clip ons for my current eyeglasses and they were work very well. It is not an exact fit but close enough and I love them! My brain and eyes are kept quiet for both indoor fluorescent lighting and tv and computer. Very pleased and convenient.