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Beat Light Sensitivity With Your Portable Dark Room

Relieve your migraine pain & light sensitivity without side effects using clinically proven Avulux® glasses.
Light that increases migraine pain
Why Do you Run Into A Dark Room?

Blue light isn't the only culprit behind worsening your migraine, light sensitivity, and eye strain. Harvard scientists recently found that blueamber, and red light all increase migraine related head pain and they found that low intensity green light helps reduce pain.

A Dark Room Alternative
Eliminate Painful Light

Avulux® reduces the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks and relieves light sensitivity by filtering up to 97% of the most painful, migraine-triggering light. 

By preventing melanopsin, a cell in your eye, from becoming overexcited by exposure to certain light, it can prevent migraine attacks and reduce migraine pain.   

Light spectrum affecting migraine

Is Avulux Right For you?

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Light Sensitivity

Do you wear dark sunglasses or run into a dark room to avoid pain?

Migraine drug side effects
Migraine Head Pain

Does light cause your migraines or worsen your head pain?

Avulux gets you out of your dark room
Reduce Medication

Do you want to reduce the amount of prescription medication with unwanted side effects you take for migraine? 

Avulux migraine treatment and migraine relief glasses Avulux migraine treatment and migraine relief glasses

If You Answered Yes to Any of the Above Questions...