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Studies show that 90% of Avulux® wearers relieve their migraine symptoms enough to continue with their days.
Why wear Avulux®?
Light Hurts

Avulux® glasses are clinically shown to reduce your migraine and light sensitivity pain by precisely filtering up to 97% of the most painful, migraine-triggering light.

Generic blue light glasses fall short by letting in painful red & amber light.

Sunglasses worsen light sensitivity by dark adapting your eyes and they're too dark to be worn at night.

Glasses for photophobia and migraine
Light Sensitivity

Instead of running into a dark room, Avulux® softens light and keeps you comfortable.

Over 80% of people with migraine experience light sensitivity (photophobia).

Migraines are triggered by light
Light Triggers Migraine

Up to 60% of migraines are triggered by light or glare.

Eliminating painful light can reduce your migraine count. 

90% find migraine and light sensitivity relief with Avulux
Find Relief

Clinical studies found that 90% of Avulux® wearers were able to relieve their migraine symptoms enough to continue with their daily activities.

See What People Are Saying

My Avulux glasses have helped to "turn down the volume" on my light sensitivity and allow me to extend the amount of time I can spend in brightly lit spaces.

Natalie | mindfulmigraine.org

There are sooo many different blue light and “migraine glasses” on the market that it can feel a little overwhelming. I’ve tried lots of different glasses but have never found any that have helped with my pain or light sensitivity until now…

Amy wearing Avulux lilu light gray light sensitivity glasses
Amy | themigrainelife.com
Avulux Migraine and light sensitivity glasses relieve pain Migraine and photophobia sunglasses

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