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The World's First Clinically Proven Lens for Migraine & Light Sensitivity

Migraine & Light Sensitivity
Avulux Lens

A patented, clinically proven, multi-band precision optical filter that absorbs up to 97% of harmful migraine triggering light.

Real World Experience

90% of wearers find Avulux helps them continue with their activities of daily living.

90% manage migraine and light sensitivity
Red Lilu Avulux glasses for photophobia
Advanced & Patented Optical Technology
Avulux Just Works

Up to 60% of migraine attacks are actually triggered by light.

Blue and amber light affect cells in your eye that secrete melanopsin, and it can lead to migraine attacks and increased light-triggered pain. 

Avulux's patented precision lens technology filters up to 97% of blue, amber, and red light while allowing in over 70% of soothing green light, which may help people living with migraine.

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