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Avulux glasses and custom Rx options are available to Canadian ECPs
Avulux's Purpose

Avulux was designed by a neuro-ophthalmologist and an optical engineer in the early 2010s to help people with migraine and photophobia live a more normal and comfortable life.

Within the last decade, the Avulux lens evolved and it’s the only lens on the market today that directly aligns with the most recent research linking light to pain in individuals with migraine and/or photophobia.

Light sensitivity glasses for migraine
Avulux Migraine and photophobia lens puck
Migraine & Light Sensitivity
Avulux Lens

A multi-band precision optical filter engineered with a patented, proprietary nanomolecular technology that incorporates a unique dye into the matrix of the lens.  

For Patients with Migraine - or Photophobia from other causes
Multi-band Relief

Avulux precisely filters up to 97% of the most painful, clinically identified wavelengths of light while selectively allowing in over 70% of soothing green light.

The Avulux filter can effectively bring relief to those living with migraine or patients with photophobia attributed to other causes like: TBI, iritis, dry eye, and corneal abrasion among other causes.

Red Lilu Avulux glasses for photophobia
A Leading Cause of Disability Globally
What is Migraine?

It is a genetic neurological disorder affecting over 3 million Canadians. There is no cure for migraine, only methods to manage symptoms and triggers.

Common Symptoms include:
• Photophobia (#1 most bothersome) 
• Debilitating headaches 
• Nausea and vomiting  
• Sound and smell sensitivity 
• Brain fog and dizziness  

Clinically Proven
Light & Pain

Research in the past decade linked melanopsin to pain in people with migraine and/or photophobia. Melanopsin is secreted by retinal ganglion cells when peak activated by wavelengths of light in the upper blue and amber range.

A corroborating Harvard study found that light increases migraine headache pain, except for green light.

Avulux clear migraine and light sensitivity glasses

Real World Experience

90% find migraine and light sensitivity relief with Avulux
Find Relief

Avulux® users are able to return or continue with their activities of daily living.

Avulux reduces migraine medication for 74%
Reduce Medication

74% of subjects were able to reduce or eliminate their usual amount of medication needed to manage their symptoms.

No Side Effects

Across all Avulux clinical trials, no negative side effects were reported.

Class I Medical Device

Avulux® glasses showed clinical significance in reducing migraine headache pain and providing light sensitivity relief and is a Class I Medical Device in Canada, the UK, and the EU.

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