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Avulux could be the migraine treatment saving you trips to the pharmacy.

Health Canada Classified Medical Device • Proven through multiple clinical trials • 9 in 10 people find relief

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My Avulux glasses have helped to “turn down the volume” on my light sensitivity and allow me to extend the amount of time I can spend in brightly lit spaces.

Natalie | mindfulmigraine.org

Many times I do not need to take acute migraine medication while wearing Avulux.

Erica | achysmile.com
Lilu Avulux Migraine Glasses and light sensitivity glasses Avulux migraine treatment


Harmful light has been clinically proven to start migraine attacks and worsen pain.
Girl Wearing Avulux light sensitivity glasses
Avulux absorbs painful light

Avulux lenses absorb the most painful light, helping people manage migraine symptoms, relieve pain, and reduce light sensitivity. Avulux is classified as a medical device in Canada.

74% Reduce Their Meds

74% of study subjects found they could simply use Avulux to manage their migraine symptoms and continue with their activities of daily living.

Try Avulux at home for 60 days, satisfaction or your money back.

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