Avulux Migraine and photophobia and light sensitivity glasses clear Avulux migraine treatment and migraine relief glasses

Your Light Sensitivity Solution

9 in 10 people wearing Avulux Migraine Glasses effectively manage light sensitivity, allowing them to continue with their days.

Light & Pain

Blue, amber, and red wavelengths of light can cause pain.

Up to 60% of migraine attacks are triggered by light.

Green light can be beneficial.

We're Here to Help

Avulux: A Blue, Amber, & Red Blocker
Patented & Precise

Avulux's physicians and engineers designed a lens that filters up to 97% of painful, migraine-triggering blue, amber, and red light...

All while allowing beneficial green light in.

Avulux Multi-band filtration migraine lens
Class I Medical Device in Canada, United Kingdom, and E.U.
The Highest Scientific Standard

Independent studies have shown that Avulux Migraine & Light Sensitivity lenses can effectively manage the impact of light sensitivity and may help people live well with migraine.

Avulux is the only light sensitivity lens to ever be proven effective at the highest standard of clinical testing.

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See What People Have to Say

I’ve tried lots of different glasses but have never found any that have helped with my pain or light sensitivity until now...

Amy wearing Avulux lilu light gray light sensitivity glasses
Amy | themigrainelife.com

I was able to carry out activities that are usually forbidden during migraine, such as read a book and watch television, use my phone and communicate with my family.

diva mum wearing avulux photophobia glasses
Steph | divamumsteph.com

It's a profoundly different experience wearing Avulux. I loved my old FL-41 specs. Any reduction in light sensitivity and you would, too. Then you try Avulux and your mind is just blown.

Avulux Migraine Glasses Review for ECP
Nikki | brainlessblogger.net

Managing my symptoms with Avulux allows me to cut back on medication. I’m so appreciative!

my migraine life avulux migraine relief and photophobia glasses
Sarah | mymigrainelife.net

My Avulux glasses have helped to “turn down the volume” on my light sensitivity and allow me to extend the amount of time I can spend in brightly lit spaces.

Natalie | mindfulmigraine.org
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Try Avulux migraine glasses at home for 60 days.